Web Remote freezing/lagging in displaying service manager/playlist contents on the fly..frustrating!

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to keep OLP  display from freezing, due to the Web Remote (used via my tablet and/or phone) freezing/lagging in displaying service manager/playlist contents on the fly..frustrating!?  Any suggestion on making it run smoother? Thanks


  • That's not a feature I make use of, so I'm really limited in the help I can give.

    Having said that, make sure the computer doesn't have a lot of other things running in the background and make sure it isn't running Windows updates either.  The only way I know how to avoid that on Win 10 is to make sure it's updated through the week.
  • Thanks for your reply.

    As much as I would like to carry on using OLP, the one thing I am still searching for in a Worship Presentation Program is a seamless and smooth use of a remote facility that is able to not only advance slides back and forth, but also able to search and display songs and bible passages on the fly. While OLP has this facility, its constantly freezing/lagging remote functionality has unfortunately made it pretty useless for me.

    I have recently been trying out SongPro, but its remote functionality is alas pretty basic and no more than just advancing slides back and forth.

    I have been happy to date with Easyworship, but disinterested because of its total lack of remote functionality.

    I have had a recent try with PROCLAIM too, impressive software, but not also meeting my requirement in terms of FULL REMOTE FUNCTIONALITY - just slides advances - remote app not able to search and display songs and bible passages on the fly.

    I hate to give up until I find my need and requirement fulfilled. So any help, suggestions, guidance, and signposting from anybody would greatly be appreciated.
  • Have you tried the app? We use the app and it works great for us. It can search.
  • Yes I have, but it freezes or lags most of the time. I wondered what I am doing wrong, if it works smoothly for you at all times!!
  • "At all times" would be to stretch the truth. It has moments of lag, as if the computer got bored and needs to be reminded it is supposed to be paying attention. Or perhaps there is other activity on our network since it is an open network and everyone seems to have a smartphone these days.
  • The embarrassing moments come when you are leading worship, and the next song refuses to come up because the remote is frozen/lagging, and no one knows when the lyrics will show up. You then do an emergency call up for some one to rush to the main laptop and manually takeover!...I would have loved a truly working remote at all times.
  • You could try a remote controlling software such as TeamViewer,


    This way you can pretty much remote control any software, this could even work better than the OpenLP remote itself.
    (Disclaimer: I haven't used remotes to control OpenLP or other lyric projectation software)

  • Just make sure that you run in LAN mode ("Local Area Network", which is your private network), otherwise it'll go from the remote PC to the internet as a whole and back to the local PC.  Which pretty much guarantees freezing/lag.
  • Many thanks Milon for your untiring and unrelenting efforts to reply and find solutions to so many problems/issues on the forum - may your love-efforts to relief peoples' stress be rewarded by the Almighty (amen!).

    Thanks also Azaziah for your suggestion. I will be trialing this (teamviewer) out in the next few weeks.

  • Ummm? i am seeing the web remote freeze (lose connection to the server) in a fairly consistent scenario.

    Everything works fine so long as i keep interacting with the web remote client 'frequently'. i.e. more often than once every 5 to 10 mins or so. 

    If there are no interactions for about 20 mins or so (not measured, just gut feeling - typically from start to finish of sermon), then in the next interaction, the web remote freezes and is unable to control the server. Restarting the browser (Chrome) does not fix it. I have to go back to laptop and interact with server directly. After that, the web remote is functional again. Interestingly, this only happens in about 75% of these scenarios. 25% of the time the web remote continues to function normally throughout.

    Is there some kind of activity timer somewhere in OpenLP? I doubt it's that because issue is not consistently repeatable. I don't feel it's the WiFi dropping out. There's no indication that's the case.

    OpenLP 2.4.5 on a Windows 10 (Ugh!) laptop with web remote access via Chrome on Android 7 phone. Connected via WiFi network. These are the only two devices on the network.

    Any bright ideas?


    Martin :-)
  • Should have clarified ..... WiFi router is NOT connected to internet.
  • Hi Martin,

    Firstly, make sure you upgrade to OpenLP 2.4.6, there are a few bugfixes in there.

    Secondly, I'm afraid that I have never experienced the problem you're talking about. OpenLP does not have any sort of activity timer. Also, an Internet connection is NOT required, so you should be fine there. Have you tried Firefox Mobile as well? Trying to narrow down where or how it is happening would help figure out what's going wrong.
  • Thanks Raoul

    Good, and reassuring to know you've not experienced the issue i'm seeing. It's such a common use case that I guess if it was a problem with OpenLP then there would be more on it in this forum, in the bug lists and on the IRC channel.

    OpenLP is a great product but this issue is a real pain because it makes me a bit nervous that slides etc won't show at a critical moment.

    I'll keep investigating, changing things one at a time. Though that's a bit painful because each test is going to take 20 to 30 mins :-(

    I had thought i was on latest version, but will upgrade as suggested. I see that i can generate a log file too (https://manual.openlp.org/troubleshooting.html), so i'll also try that and take a look at it.

    I'll update here if i find out anything worth sharing.

    Thanks again

    Martin :-)

  • Hello Martin,

    Sometimes we have the same freezing problem. Our solution is to refresh the web page - make a new handshake from our Android with OpenLP on our laptop (Win 10 - hurray...). After refreshing al works fine again. The Edge browser has a refresh option in the address bar. When we use the Google browser we just pul down on the screen to refresh. 

    Hope this works for you.

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