Best linux distros for openLP

edited November 2017 in Troubleshooting
I have installed openlp on lubuntu17.10 and although the openlp works fine and the os is quick, the handling of the dual monitor (extend to projector) by lubuntu is not satisfactory.
once connected the app on the main monitor won't maximize and the projector settings are lost every time I reconnect. i have windows10 on this machine and openlp works very well but the machine is quite low spec and windows takes forever to load.
so i am looking for a linux distro that will handle the dual monitor and not make the machine too slow.
can anyone tell me what versions of linux they have and how well they work please? (I don't want to use heavyweights like KDE if possible!)
the machine is an Asus K55a with celeron B820 and 8MB RAM.


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