Ubuntu 18.04 OpenLP freezes

Hi, I'm setting up a PC with Ubuntu 18.04 using a Radeon HD 4350/4550 Grafikcard.
When I start Open LP 2.4 only with the DVI-Monitor plugged in, it works. If I plug in the VGA-Monitor or my beamer, it freezes the whole system. All I can do then is to switch into the console (with Alt+Cmd+F2) and kill the process. Any suggestions?


  • BTW: is the same issue on my office-PC with Ubuntu 16.04 and NVIDIA GeForce 210 .
    Which Linux-Distribution is recommended?

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    Sorry if you have done the logical. But forget OpenLP, what happens if you connect the problematic displays in when OpenLP is not running?
    If all is good, then make sure they are disconnected, open OpenLP and then go to the Monitors Setting and set Primary display as default. Then you should be able to connect the external monitors, tweak their settings and then and only then, change the monitor settings in OpenLP to them. If that fails please go to debug mode (command prompt #openlp -l debug) after crash you will find your debug log in /home/yourusername/.cache/openlp/openlp.log please submit it as noted elsewhere.
    Hope this helps; as always, if it helps, lets know, if not appreciate what you did to sort the issue out so others can benefit from this info.

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    Hi, thanks for response. Meanwhile I installed Linux Mint Xfce instead and now it works without any problems. It's curious because Mint uses Ubuntu as far as I know. This is not the first time this problem occurs: https://forums.openlp.org/discussion/3827/using-hdmi-causes-the-system-to-freeze#latest
    Obviously the problem is connected with Ubuntu. I will try your suggestion on my Office-PC.

    Edit: to be more precise: I used Xubuntu 16.04
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    Thanks for heads up. Xubuntu is a cut-down version. You were possibly missing a driver. Mint is excellent (although xfce is cut down too), my Linux OS of preference is Elementary, which is sortof Mac-Like interface but very well maintained robust distro.
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