Songbeamer import: Chords start with second line

This issue was already discussed, an @tbc made a fix:
But for me the problem still persists with the acutal developers edition: When importing from songbeamer, the chords often do not appear at the correct line but one line below. But for what reason? I looked the good and the bad Songbeamer files and hacked around a bit. And I found out that chords skipped a Text line every time when the slides were not seperated just by
but by
Verse 1

while its not important if ist "verse" or "Chorus" or "Bridge" or whatever.


So i chose about a dozen songs, opened the Songbeamer file and wherever i found a "Verse 1" or something like that, I added below it another line with a placeholder text:
Verse 1
Then I imported those Songs to Openlp, and ALL of them showed the chords correctly. I just had to edit every song again in OpenLP to remove the lines that said: "justfixingtheline"

Another observation

I also noticed that when I added Text lines and new slides (---) at the end of the songbeamer file, it messed up the chords, although those appear in prior lines.


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