Problem to use JPLink connected projector as presentation screen

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Hi, I have connected OpenLP to a Infocus IN5124 projector with JPlink and it works, I can control the projector. I used a program from Hitachi to show the screen oven the LAN using JPlink and it worked. But it will be much more smooth if can connect directly from OpenLP using JPlink to send the screen. But I can´t find how I do it. In Setup-General only primary monitor shows up. If I choose "select projector input" in projector module I don´t know what option to choose, I have tried Network and other sources but it doesn´t work.


  • Hello Hakan -

    PJLink is a standard for controlling remote display devices; as such it only defines controls for power on/off, shutter, volume/microphone volume, and video input source selection (hardware input). PJLink does not specify how to share your screen via the network.

    Looking at the InFocus projector, it looks like it's using a version of the Miracast technology for sharing your computer screen via the network. Video sharing via network is not a PJLink option since the PJLink standard does not define screen sharing, only basic remote projector control.

    OpenLP is designed to share the screen via a second monitor (in other words, a second video card in your computer) only.
  • Ok, thanks for clarification. But it wish OpenLp had support for a virtual second monitor. Long video cables between computer and projector are more expensive than a network cable.
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    OpenLP (like almost all other projection software) uses your operating system's monitors. If you can get your virtual monitor to show up in your operating system's monitor settings, OpenLP might be able to detect it.
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