Certain Bible Translations (Passion) with Paraphrasing Do Not Display All Verses

[Note: I originally posted this in the Troubleshooting Forum, and realized after the fact that I probably should have posted it here in Development.  My bad.]

I recently imported The Passion Translation (TPT) from biblegateway.com using OpenLP 2.4.4 on Windows 10.  Everything pulls in okay, but some of the verses in that translation use paraphrases or combine multiple verses and are designated in the database as a range. For example, Psalm 58 imports as the following verses in the database: 1, 1-2, 3-4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.  However, when you pull up Psalm 58 in OpenLP, only these verses are actually displayed: 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (missing: 1-2, 3-4).  

OpenLP doesn't know how to display those verses containing the ranges.  This appears to be due to treating the verse value as a numeric rather than an alphanumeric/text value--which I get, because when you start to get into double-digit verses, a text sort would sort as 1, 10, 11, 12...19, 2, 20, 21, 22...29, etc.)  If I manually hack the database and remove the range reference (i.e., 1-2 becomes 1 [or 2 since this chapter already has a verse 1], and 3-4 becomes 3), then OpenLP "discovers" the altered verse values and displays them.

Just curious if there is a way to account for verse ranges (like parse for a dash, then use the numeric value to the left of the dash for sortation)?  Or read in each verse value and convert to a 3-digit number for sortation/display purposes, and adjust ranges like I described in the previous sentence.

It would sure beat having to load each chapter of TPT, and manually go through the database looking for verse ranges and changing them.

The Message translation is similar, however, they seem to have removed the verse range references so that they appear as Psalm 58:1,3,6,10, but I believe it displays everything it's supposed to.

Thanks for listening.


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