Best OS to run OpenLP?

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Hi, I'm currently 'trying' to run OpenLP on a PC laptop with Elementary Loki installed. 

This is because it is not yet possible to run 'powerpoint presentations' on the Mac OSX version of OpenLP. 
So I hit a dead end there and decided to go 'Linux', using Elementary OS as all the other Linux distros (to me) seemed like ugly versions of windows. 

However, OpenLP is not really running smoothly with Elementary OS (4GB ram, SSD etc.) and it freezes and all sorts and I haven't been able to sort out 'extended desktop' yet and run it successfully with a HDMI projector.

So, my question is:

1) I want to be able to run OpenLP, with Videos and Powerpoint (internally within OpenLP - not with workarounds etc.) and I'd like it not to freeze, crash and be unstable to use. What is the best OS to run in order to have a stable 'fully functional' version of OpenLP?
(Just to say I absolutely Hate, hate, hate, hate Windows 10 but am not opposed to WinXP or Win7 or any Linux distro (ugly as they maybe!)).

So, please, what is the best OS to use for a solid, stable OpenLP that can run powerpoint and videos? And I'll install that and use that.

Thanks for your help.


  • I would say Fedora KDE Spin, Kubuntu or Debian KDE unstable. These are the main systems the developers use.

    Having said that, I'm pretty sure the "freezing" you're seeing is not freezing, but the display screen. OpenLP is not really mean to be used with only 1 screen. You can try pressing Esc to close the display screen.
  • The computer team in my fellowship have used OpenLP, with videos, powerpoint, and images (jpgs, pngs) for 6 years on various Windows laptops (XP, 7 & 10) and OpenLP has always been rock-solid for us - never once failed.

    The laptops are kept fairly clean (no bloatware) which probably helps.  Also, the laptops are disconnected from the internet during worship to stop random things self-updating at inopportune moments (Win 10, ha ha!).
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