Functions to Add: volume keys change slides, stage view can also show chords

     Hi, I recently started using OpenLP and I absolutely love it! As I've worked with this app I noticed some things that could be added that could be extremely beneficial and I'm looking for some help in how to go about coding this.
    The first thing that I thought of is to make it possible to go to next and previous slides on the remote using the volume keys. This way I don't have to always look at where my finger is and what I'm pressing to change slides which means one less variable to pay attention to while singing.
    Another thing I was thinking that could be awesome is to have, in the database where all the songs' lyrics are kept, the version of the songs with all of the chords. And that on the remote version of the app in the stage view people can choose from seeing only lyrics or having the chords on there too. This way the pianists and the guitarists do not have to have papers or use a different app to play along.
    So to summarize and maybe clear it up is that I am looking to implement these two functions on the remote version of OpenLP but I am not sure how to go about coding it. Thank you for any and all input.


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