Service Manager Color

How do we change the background color of the "Service Manager" screen?  The white background is too bright when lights are dimmed in small auditorium.


  • The current version of OpenLP does not have the ability to change the background color.  The next version is reported to have a 'Dark' theme where the desktop would be dark with light boundaries and text.   
  • Have you tried using the 'Remote' service?  The default is almost as bright as the main window, but this we can adjust....but only if the functionality you need is in the remote service.

    If you have never used the remote plugin, make sure it is can check this end enable it in Settings->Manage Plugins or hold the Alt key and press and release the F7 key when the main window is active.

    Now open the remote plugin by going to Settings->Configure OpenLP... then choose 'Remote' from the left hand menu.
    Click on the Remote URL and a web browser will open with the remote plugin running.

    Walk through the different menu items in this remote plugin web browser window to review the functions that the remote plugin provides.  If the functionality you need is present in the remote plugin, I can help you darken the screen more to give you a workaround until version 3.0 is released.
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