Crash in Win 8.1 when connecting a large HD second monitor

I have not been using Open LP for some time and just recently had a need to do something in our church back hall so thought I would make use of it again.
I loaded the latest vers onto a fairly old Win 8.1 (latest updates) laptop. It worked very well at home running a computer monitor as second screen (except that something froze completely at one point and I had to reinstall Open LP).
At the church I hooked the laptop into a large HD 1080 TV and the computer would crash easily whenever I would try to setup a video or series of stills to the TV. If I removed the TV from the laptop no problems running OpenLP. In the end I had to forget OpenLP and just run a standard Windows Explorer slideshow and video player etc. Which then worked without a hitch.
I don't do this often these days but was wondering why it was so unstable with the HD TV attached. Any thoughts?


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