Random songs? O.o

Howdy! I do the tech stuff for my church :tongue: and we've been running EasyWorship 2009 on a windows computer... I have no complaints in regard to EasyWorship... However the windows computer that we were using, is trash. It is toast. Our Pastor has a Mac Book Pro just sitting around lol, so I've just went through the process of doing a factory reset, which is simple in itself, however when you come into complications, the reset is very long and lengthy LOL (Hint: Don't do what I did...)  Anywhoooo. I've just installed OpenLP, and opened it up, and it has started importing a bunch of random songs? I've never inserted my thumb drive in the MacBook? So what songs is it importing? Why? None of these songs are ours... Is there a quick way to remove all of these songs? Or do I have to just sit here, deleting them one by one :confused:


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