Transfer databases between computers is ok, but not linked audio



  • Hi ed, I've not been able to try out the other recently uploaded portable installation yet, but I've used the normal installation for a while now without problems, with the workaround of having moved the location of the data file to the root of the C: drive (C:\OpenLP Data\ ).  Works fine from one Windows 7 computer to another with audio files linked to songs.  You can change the location of the data folder from within the options settings of the program.
  • OK.  Understood.  I guess I was inadvertently moving the discussion onto another stage.  My problem was that I understood about the path issue and was correcting that.  However, many songs do not auto play (or play at all!) despite all that I have done to correct the path etc.  It seems to me that somewhere the database has retained the old path, and attempts to overwrite it with the new path simply fail.
  • HI ed, all I can suggest is that you check that 'Start background audio paused' is not ticked in the settings, so that it auto-plays. 

    What I did to get the audio files associated with the songs after moving the data folder location was to remove the files, then add them back again from their original location (in My Music).

    I'm not sure about whether there is a restriction on what file formats are compatible, but all the MP3 files I use have worked fine. 

    Just one thing comes to mind, which is that the audio on large video files generally isn't produced when the video file first starts, but it comes through about 10-20s later.  That is, unless I play the video file for a short while before the service, which seems to buffer it and the audio comes through immediately when needed during the service.  If the same thing is possibly occurring to large audio files (wav) then that might account for why some don't seem to play, at least initially.
  • A follow up ...

    In the end I uninstalled OpenLP as completely as I could.  Used Revo uninstaller as a start, and then followed instructions elsewhere to remove all traces. 

    Re installed. 

    Sadly it made little permanent difference.  BUT ....

    I did make some of the mp3 files work as expected by making sure that the file permissions of the ones that did not work, matched those that did.  In one case - so far - this worked a treat, but in one other case it failed.  So I have no real idea why there is this discrepancy.  I am beginning to wonder if it is the mp3 files rather than OpenLP, or an interaction between the two.

    I shall keep trying, and will post the outcomes, but if this continues to be a problem I will have to change product, which is a REAL shame as, when it all works OpenLP is all I need it to be.  And I like to support projects like this if I can.
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    OpenLP simply uses the multimedia capabilities built into your operating system for the background audio. We are looking into using the selected media instead of just the operating system's interface for the next version of OpenLP.

    Traditionally media on Windows has been extremely iffy, with the same audio files working perfectly on Linux, which points the finger at the operating system rather than OpenLP as the culprit.
  • raoul -

    That is interesting.  I was beginning to wonder if it was something intrinsic in the MP3 that was stopping OLP from playing it.  I have not had time yet, but I may try playing around with converting them again, and see if that makes any difference.  It is very frustrating as most play, but some do not, and I cannot see a pattern, or them coming from a particular album, or so on.
  • ed, we've also been puzzled by it. even some of the developers have run into this issue, and we can't figure out rhyme or reason why it works like this. Very frustrating :-(
  • We're running OpenLP v 2.1.6 across multiple machines. At present the main machines being used are running Linux (Mint XFCE 17.1), but the issue about relative paths seems to be present.

    We sync data between the church system and worship leaders' home systems using a shared Dropbox folder.

    We don't get a problem with service schedules with songs and custom slides. These can be unproblematically saved as a file in a shared folder, and opened from either machine successfully.

    However, presentations, images and media "libraries" (on the leftmost column of the gui) don't seem to be able to be shared between machines, because the path to the file in each case is absolute not relative.

    It sounded as though there was an attempt to allow relative file paths in a version earlier than 2.1.6, so it ought to work for us. But could you possibly advise as to HOW one should specify a file path for (say) an image or a presentation, using a relative path? When one clicks the button to add a presentation or an image, one is simply presented with a window that navigates around the filesystem, and when a file is added, it is given an absolute file path.

    Any advice?
    Did the solution not get developed after all for relative file paths?
    Or is there some other way of using it?

    Thanks, Jamie
  • Hi all,
    My church has been using OpenLP for years (for lyrics, prayers, videos, powerpoints and photos) and it's brilliant, many grateful thanks to the developers; the software is a blessing.

    The church is now thinking of using the "Linked Audio" feature so I've run some tests on a few Win-10 computers with OpenLP v2.4.6 and I see that this problem reported by batmanjd in December 2013 is still present ... transfer databases between computers is ok, but not linked audio.

    To get around this problem, I'm thinking of using the solution suggested by phill in December 2013: "you can set the location of the data folder on the advanced settings tab. Change this to something like c:\openlp for both systems and that should solve your issue!"

    Is this solution of phill's still the best solution to use, for this problem of transferring linked audio, for v2.4.6?

  • The best solution I have found is to put the Data directory and the Source directories in the same place on all the computers....Mind you my Church only uses Windows computers for presenting....The Mac and Chromebooks are used for other things!

    For us, we use C:\OpenLP as a base directory.  The Data directory is in the base directory....C:\OpenLP\Data
    We also have a Media directory in the base directory....C:\OpenLP\Media
    Inside the Media directories are the image, audio, video directories
        C: \OpenLP\Media\audio...
        C: \OpenLP\Media\video...
    All of the source media is in the directories in the C:\OpenLP\Media directory....Some of the directories have sub directories by years, events, albums......

    The only drawback is that you have to sync the complete C:\OpenLP directory before you do anything to make sure you are working on the most current files.

    One other bit of information....we put the export configuration file in the C:\OpenLP directory.....We seldom change this between computers, but if something is not acting right we load the configuration file on the computer having issues to rule out any changes to the configuration!  Remember your custom formatting tags are in the configuration export....when someone edits the formatting tag for left or right columns and you try to present something that uses the left or right columns it tends to go very wrong!
  • Hi, yes, all is good - linked audio is transferring fine now.

    All the operators at my church use Windows computers with OpenLP 2.4.6 and our transfer of linked audio now works fine if we set our OpenLP data folders to the same value.  We have our data folders all set to  C:\OpenLP\data\ 

  • I see this issue has been around for a long time and is still ongoing. I can't see that anyone has suggested editing the songs.sqlite database when it is moved. Doesn't eg.:
    file_name= REPLACE (file_name, "C:\Users\LUC\", "/home/luc/")

    do the job? That's moving from Windows to Linux BTW. Or have I missed something?

  • @NJS1945 Can't say I've tested but that may well work. Thing is, it's a bit technical for the average user, and may people don't have/want the software to edit databases. I'm not making any promises as I'm not involved to much in this area of development, but I think there is at least a little effort toward making it easier to share OpenLP's data.
  • @NJS1945 I'm just trying exactly that, as much for interest as anything else.

    As @ninjakiwi ; says, it's a bit technical for the average user and I wouldn't expect our operators to run a SQL script it before loading OpenLP. It might be viable if I could find a way of running such an update statement automatically.

    What I really want to be able to do is to store the path as "%OneDrive%\OpenLP Database\songs\audio\..." (although for people switching between Windows and Linux that obviously wouldn't help!

    Having said all this, though, the media files are zipped into the .osz service file, which I think means that if you've got OpenLP on the church PC set to read the whole item from the service file rather than relying on the local database then it shouldn't matter if the service file is fully prepped in advance and no changes are made to the service at the last minute...!
  • Not sure if this is changed in version 3.

    I have observed that file (specifically images) are not imported into the openlp data directory, thus when I copy the openlp data directory to another PC they are not there!

    Easyworship brings everything into it's data store. If everything is in the openlp data directory then it can 'easily' handle file locations cross platform as it all becomes relative.

  • I notice this code in plugins/images/lib/ (several places including line 475)

    self.load_full_list(self.manager.get_all_objects(ImageFilenames, order_by_ref=ImageFilenames.file_path), initial_load=initial_load, open_group=parent_group)

    pyDev flags file_path as 'Undefined variable from import'!

  • @Tim Pearce That's a bug in 2.4.6 and has changed in version 3 to correctly copy the files over. (although no stable version is released yet)

  • It doesn't seem to in the development version I am using!

  • I just rebased my working copy (I hope - still getting used to git) and adding an image leaves it in it's original location!

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    It should not change or move your file, but it copies it and uses the copied version (which is named with a hash)

    Edit: My bad, you are correct. It does not currently copy the file, looks like it's only storing the thumbnail.

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