Font size change

We are currently looking at the design of what we project and have tried various things to make the viewing easier for our congregation. One of the things we have recently tried to adjust is the font setting on the Songs section. We are keen to avoid what is happening on some songs where we have just one word or couple of words going over to a second page – is there any way we can avoid this by changing maybe the font size? I’d be grateful of any thoughts you might have.


  • If you mean having an independent font size for specified text rather than setting the size of all text in the template, then we create tags with specific sizes to achieve this end.
  • Try using "Optional Split" in the Song Editor on large paragraphs, or edit the Theme to have a smaller text box. Many words will go to another page instead of 1 or 2.
    Or you can do the opposite making bigger the text box size in the Theme Editor.
  • Not sure if this thread is still ive, but I'd like to see font sizes changed automatically to fit the text box size.  That way everything will always fit but I can control where any breaks take place using Optional or other tags.
    This would also help (a lot!) with changing screen resolutions.  I frequently hit problems when I've developed a service on my laptop, and maybe a local monitor, but they are both completely different resolutions from the projector(s) used for the live presentation.  
    I currently have three sets of themes, set up for different screens!
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