OpenLP & Portable Apps USB Eject Fix for Window 10 Update Version 1809

Changes to the functionality of the USB ejection system too effect in December 2018 that can cause problems when running OpenLP Portable v 2.4.6 on the USB stick.

Note: This Procedure will have to be performed for each USB manufacturer type. This procedure is only for the  ScanDisk Ultra Device USB.

Starting with Window 10 1809 the USB removal became a “Quick Removal” by default and the OpenLP software inserts it own “eject.exe” resulting in a problem where USBs don't fully eject and some applications slow down giving USB eject errors.

The following procedure will change the “Quick removal” to a “Better performance“ which works better with OpenLP & in the new Windows 10 update, but you may have to wait a second or two for a notification of Safe Removal.

The procedure can be located at URL:


  • NOTE: I've found that doing the above is very important for USB 3.0 sticks, but USB 2.0 sticks still work ok.  However, my USB 3.1 stick cannot be fixed to work with Windows 10 even with the above fix.
  • Updated fix of OpenLP on USB eject on Windows 10 update version 1809

    Well, I have finally come up with good fix to ensure the PortableApps USB 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 properly eject. It was so simple.
    32gb USB sticks are normally formatted with FAT32.
    64gb USB sticks are normally formatted with exFAT.
    Instead, format all the USB sticks with NTFS, and everything is much better.
    If the PortableApps "eject.exe" file does not eject, then follow with Windows "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media". If that doesn't work then "Reboot" the Windows 10 PC and the problem with eject should clear.

  • Suggest using SD cards (64 Mb card is same price as 32Mb USB stick)  and the SD card works better with OpenLP and on Windows 10 when formatted with NTFS.
  • I've had to discontinue OpenLP training until OpenLP & can get together to fix the "eject.exe" file that locks up in the Windows 10 %temp% folder can be properly deleted as of update 1809.  I may even have to go and manual fix a few computers for pastors and others trying to use these apps.  No helpful responses from OpenLp nor  I know everyone at OpenLP is getting ready for version 3 release.  I believe in OpenLP 2.4.6 but when used with on Windows 10 it locks up with USB ejection leaving the eject.exe file in the %temp% folder and I cannot find a solution that is satisfactory.
  • Either Windows or Portable Apps appear to have fixed this problem this USB ejection problem. This can be removed.????

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