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Our church has been using MediaShout, but we need to update and I have been looking at using OpenLP.  I have managed to import all our songs from MS, but none have a theme applied.  All songs therefore display with the default theme, but we like to have a different background slide to each song (we ran MS with a selection of about 20 different backgrounds which we would change from time to time).  As far as I can tell, that means a different theme for each song.  I can edit each song and apply a theme, but this is not practical for 2000+ songs in the library.  Is there any way of applying a theme to multiple songs?  I have tried selecting multiple songs in the media manager, followed by edit, but this only applies the theme to one of the songs selected.  Is it a case of editing the database and, if so, can I do that with MS access and where is the database?
Many thanks in advance.


  • @RichardHatton ; In OpenLP you can set the level of the theme to your needs.  Check out the manual to see what the levels can do.

    If you really want to set different songs to one of your 20 Themes, it will be a bit of work any way your do it!  Most users will do one service at a time....and yes this is a work of love to manage.  I would recommend setting the Theme Level to 'Song' level, keeping in mind that if you don't set a theme in the song, the Service Theme (if set) will be used or the Global Theme will be used if the Service Theme is not set.

    The songs database is located in the Data directory in the Songs Directory.  The database is SQLLite.  I would recommend copying the complete Data directory to a new location before making any changes.  Using an online sqllite editing tool you would modify the
    table and specifically the 
    column.  Please use extreme caution as the name of the Theme must be an exact match to a Theme or strange things will happen!  But if something does get messed up, you can use your backup copy to get back to your starting point.
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