OpenLP slow to close

On my new Windows 10 laptop OpenLP takes a long time to close.  I click on "Close OpenLP" and then have to wait about 25 seconds before it closes.   Any suggestions?


  • I'm also having the same problem.  I think it has something to do with the latest version of Windows (the one that auto adds Edge Chromium to your computer.)  I was not having this problem before this update.
    1. Have OpenLP 2.4.2 open.
    2. Click the "X" button in the top corner.
    3. The "Are you sure you want to exit box pops up.
    4. Click "Exit OpenLP".
    5. The popup box close immediately but the rest of the program remains open.
    6. Wait 10-15 seconds. Interacting with OpenLP or trying to click the close button again (because you thought you must have clicked cancel by mistake) crashes OpenLP.
    7. OpenLP finally closes.
    • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.41GHz
    • RAM: 32GB
    • System type: 64-bit operating system, x64-base processor
    • Edition: Windows 10 Pro
    • Version: 1903
    • OS build: 18362.959
    • Version: 2.4.6
  • Hum. If there's any way to get a debug log file or some other crash report, that would be useful.
  • Hi raoul, Here is my log file.  Please let me know if you need any OS or other information. The last time I closed OpenLP it took approx 80 seconds from clicking the Exit OpenLP button until it closed.
    Thanks for any assistance you can offer.
  • @JVanders I'm not seeing anything in your log file that looks like OpenLP shutting down. Did you wait for OpenLP to close before grabbing that file?

    One thing I do see is that OpenLP's internal web server, used for the remote interface, doesn't start up. Can you try seeing if you need to unblock OpenLP from your firewall?
  • I've grabbed  the log file again.  Hopefully this one will be more informative.  In case it helps, someone suggested to me to delete the files in the Windows Temp folder.  After doing that OpenLP shut down quickly for a few days but is now back to doing it slowly.  Not sure if it's just coincidence???  It did take a long time to close just before I copied the attached log file.  Hope it helps.
    I've also attached a screenshot of the firewall settings for your comments.
    Many thanks
  • @JVanders in an effort to see the difference between your install and mine, I am running the same OS with a slower laptop, do you save your services?  Where do you save them if you do save them?

    I ask because saving them to the default location, the temp directory, can cause issues.  I have not noticed the slow shutdown, but it is best to not save them in the temp directory!

    I reviewed your log to my log and I noticed that closing your media took longer than mine.  Can you rename the media directory in the temp folder and then try opening and closing OpenLP?  If the slow shut down is faster this might be an indicator of what is happening.
  • @JohnM To answer your first question, yes I do save services but not to the default location.  I have a folder on the desktop.  
    However, your comments about the media directory may have given me the answer.  I have media (images for Themes etc) stored on my home NAS and when I "Load a new image" into OpenLP I retrieve it from there.  I'm guessing that OpenLP is only slow to close when it can't find my NAS (eg when I'm at church and not on my home network).  Some quick testing at home by turning the wifi off and on indicates that this is the problem.  If that is the problem I will have to store those and any future images on the laptop.  Does that make sense?  
  • @JVanders ; yes it makes perfect sense.  Glad I could help point to the right direction.
  • @JVanders I found your problem:
    2020-08-12 10:41:23,431 openlp.plugins.presentations.lib.powerpointcontroller   DEBUG    Kill powerpoint
    2020-08-12 10:41:43,549 openlp.plugins.presentations.lib.impresscontroller      DEBUG    Kill OpenOffice
    Do you see the 20 second gap between those two times? PowerPoint is taking 20 seconds to close.

  • @raoul Any idea why that would be?  I can open MS PowerPoint and it closes quickly as a stand-alone application.  As mentioned above, I have observed that when the laptop is connected to my home wifi network OpenLP closes normally.  If I turn off wifi it takes the 20 seconds that you have noted.  I thought it might be that I had some images stored on my home NAS that have been imported into the Images section of the Library and the slow closing might have been when OpenLP could not find that location.  However, I have just deleted all those images from OpenLP, moved the image files from the NAS to the laptop and re-imported them into the Library.  It still behaves the same - with WiFi on OpenLP closes quickly, with WiFi off it takes a long time.
    Thanks for any help you can offer.
  • @JVanders I'm not sure. I don't use PowerPoint or Windows, so I am not familiar with that software. OpenLP doesn't actually load any presentations until you use them, so I don't think it's a file on your NAS that's necessarily causing that. I also don't see any other entries that are taking that long so I'm a bit baffled as to how closing PowerPoint is somehow related to your WiFi network.
  • If you're not using the PowerPoint integration, you could turn it off and see if that helps?
  • JVanders What OS build of Windows 10 are you using (you find this in the About tab in the Windows 10 settings)?  I was having this same problem the last few weeks but this week Windows 10 updated from build 18362.959 to build 18362.1016 and the problem fixed itself.
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