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Hey guys,

Just wanted to propose something that the other presentation companies are finally starting to implement in their programs; midi enabled control through midi CC commands.  An example scenario would be a church who is running Ableton Live on a machine and maybe also openlp at the same time.  It would be great if basic openlp commands had midi CC assignments; play,stop,pause etc.. The idea would be that the Ableton track could tell openlp what to do and everyone would be in perfect sync.  This would be a great feature for churches who use tracks, clicks, and other live performance content.  What do you guys think?




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    Remote operation of openlp.org has been (briefly) discussed, I don't think we had considered doing so via the midi interface however.

    Unless one of the developers knew how to listen to a midi port from Python, and also had access to this type of machine to test it out, I'm not sure it would be easy to implement...

    I assume these "other presentation companies" are commercial offerings and not open source?

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    I have done some MIDI work with python under Unix (heh, trivial read from /dev/midi) and have some kit I could use for testing, but it'll be a plugin to write after 2.0 has a first release I reckon...

     To the OP, are there some standard MIDI control channels/messages that could be used, or would you envisage (eg) changing slides on a c#?



  • Hi gang - was this ever implemented?  (Being able to trigger from Ableton?)
  • No, I'm afraid not.

    Having said that, OpenLP does have a remote API which could technically be hooked up to something that sits between Ableton and OpenLP and calls OpenLP's API based on Ableton's MIDI commands.
  • I'd be willing to help with this. I really hate that I have to pay a monthly fee just to be able to control a slide presentation from ableton. In addition I'm using the software to develop product not in a church setting with live body count so their method of licensing doesnt really work for me. I just want to be able to map midi notes to certain slides within a collection of slides. Should not be an impossible task
  • @CaveDweller: You should be most welcome to help add something (maybe a plugin for OpenLP) that can integrate with Ableton. Feel free to join the dev-team on the mailing list or IRC, see https://openlp.io/

  • The majority of the competing projection systems implement a pretty simple midi message -> do thing trigger with a simple learning ui like the openlp shortcut system thi is commonly a CC or a noteon message that triggers next slide previous slide next service item blank screen etc.

    I've had a look into this and I think that the shortcuts infrastructure is a better place to implement this than using a plugin as it provides large hunks of the ui learning and action triggering stuff.

    It would require adding a library or two to core as a dependancy. python3-rtmidi python3-midi

    An initial implementation would be bind midi events to shortcut funtions and provide ui for 'learning' midi event triggers in the same way that keyboard shorcuts can be learned. now (new column midi shortcut?)

    MIDI has a set of extensions called midi show control https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIDI_Show_Control which provide specific midi support for controlling slide and video projectors lighting control etc.

  • I'm more interested in using OSC since that is network transparent. But if we get one protocol supported (I'm looking at doing the OSC integration) then anyone could use midimonster to translate midi/dmx/artnet etc to OSC and into OLP.

    For the moment I have an external script that converts OSC to commands via the remote plugin. Works great but obviously feels a little hacky :smile: 

    I also have Node-Red convert MQTT commands to web remote calls so we can control OLP via our NR dashboard (which also controls the projector power, DMX lights power, S16/S32 power, main hall lights etc...)
  • The company I work for MultiTracks.com just implemented their iOS Playback App to be able to send MIDI notes like Ableton. With this, you can have your lyrics software follow your tracks. 

    I'd LOVE to be able to implement that in some Streamings without having to pay big bucks for a presentation software. Other softwares on MAC that can do that are super expensive.  


  • Hi y’all, I hope you’re not mad at me for tagging all of you. I just posted a solution for controlling OpenLP with MIDI signals via JavaScript, and I think some of you will surely get something out of it. Have a look at it  here https://forums.openlp.org/discussion/5337/control-openlp-with-midi-signals

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