Legal constraints for displaying song lyrics in streaming

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For several months now (!Covid19!) we have been broadcasting our worship live.
We use an OLP custom view to embed the song lyrics during worship.
The solution works perfectly (thanks to OLP) but ... it's not legal in France and most probably in some other countries..
Copyright law requires that you also display the title, author(s), publisher(s) and year of publication.
The title is well provided in the API /api/service/list and can be displayed.
But I couldn't figure out how to get the other information.
Is this possible in JSON?
If not, is it possible otherwise?
If still not, will version 3.0 provide this capability?
If still not, is it possible to add this possibility in a future version?
Thanks for your help.

May I generalize the request to make available from /api/service/list as much as possible of information recorded for a song and also bible. This will open a lot of doors for custom view.


  • Hi @abo, as you've found, that information is not available in the OpenLP 2.4.6 web api. OpenLP version 3 will provide the footer via the web api which should contain this information. I guess the api could potentially add more specific details but it would have to be specific to the songs plugin. The footer is a general thing that any service item plugin can provide.

    I have added a feature request to extend the api in our issue tracker:

  • At my church we've just been streaming the projector screen via OBS's screen capture. The screen already contains that information.
  • aboabo
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    Hi @raoul
    Yes, the projector displays this information.
    But, in our church, the lyrics of the songs are embedded in a few lines at the bottom of the broadcast images.
    A custom view and a dedicated theme are used for this.
    Legal obligations also oblige to integrate copyright information in the broadcast images.
    Then, it is also necessary to be able to embed this information.
    Right now we can only include the title.

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