Feature Request: Option to edit song just for a specific service - not update song database

A great feature would be the option to alter verse number/order for a specific service, without it changing the song in the database.


  • edited October 2020
    Good news! You can already do this. First you need to check that "Update service from song edit" is off in the songs tab in the configuration. Then you can edit the verse order of songs in your service without affecting the database.

    You can see that option in the manual here: https://manual.openlp.org/configure.html#songs

    Whoops, I just realised that option only works the other way around. I'm a bit surprised myself that this isn't already a feature.

    I've added your request to our issue tracker: https://gitlab.com/openlp/openlp/-/issues/687

  • aboabo
    edited October 2020
    Isn't it possible to use Notes in the service to support this feature?
    By inserting an optional line similar to songorder=[new song order] in the Notes for example.
    This does not modify the database and remains fully integrated in the service.
    I am not a developper, however, most probably, a dedicated stage custom view could handle this feature.
    Custom stage view will handle only the stage display, not the live screen.....
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