Elgato Stream Deck

Hi All,

Does anybody know how to make a Stream Deck control OpenLP?



  • I have just bought a Stream Deck for our church and will try this amongst other things like controlling PTZ cameras and ATEM TVS HD mixer.
  • I'm not familiar with the stream deck controllers, but if there is any way to send a http request you can use the OpenLP api to control OpenLP.
  • Thanks, @mhalbrook, that is exactly in the direction I was planning to go. I recently setup a customized stage view using the web interface but never got into controlling OpenLP through the interface at that time.

    My plan is to use the Stream deck together with Bitfocus Companion to control OpenLP through the web remote interface.
  • When starting to play with the Stream deck and Bitfocus Companion, I realized that there already is a plugin for OpenLP. I haven't tried it live yet but it seems to be a good start to get going. There is some information here (not really needed if everything is working): https://github.com/bitfocus/companion-module-openlp-http

    I have now set up macros on the stream deck in a way that it should be able to control OpenLP and our ATEM TVS HD (video switcher) with the same buttons. We have been livestreaming our worships since the beginning of the corona pandemic and we are using OpenLP to add lyrics and other texts to the video stream using DSK (downstream key) on the ATEM TVS HD.

    One stream deck button will show the song lyrics on the external display and directly after it is shown, the video switcher will be triggered to include the text in the video stream using DSK ON. At the same time on the wall in the church, a projector is showing the same lyrics using a customized stage view (in case the congregation is in the church).

    Another stream deck button will do the opposite and remove the lyrics from the video stream using DSK OFF and then blank the screen on the wall.

    Also there are prepared buttons for normal OpenLP operations for prev/next slide or service etc. in the OpenLP plugin that has been added to our stream deck setup.

    I will test this stream deck setup tomorrow and can report back how it is working. If everything is working as expected we will use it live on Sunday during worship.

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