Compile request in order to increase number of optional splits

Dear developers of OpenLP,

a member of our church created a songbook not long ago in Word, which I ported to LaTeX (making use of the songs package). We now want to use OpenLP and I ported the LaTeX songs file to OpenLP song files using a custom parser. After each chorus an optional split is inserted. The problem I face now is the same as stated here:

Is there anybody who has still the delevoper environment for OpenLP 2.4.6 lying around and can change the value 5 to 50 in line 253 of file, recompile the project to an exe-file and upload it?

This would be a great help for me.

By the way: Thank you very much for creating OpenLP. I really like the option of using custom tags and html code.

May God bless you all,


  • Hi Benjamin, I can't help you with compiling OpenLP 2.4.6 as it requires some pretty old libraries that aren't so easy to get a hold of anymore.
    Just a thought, do you really need an optional split? After a chorus, wouldn't you want a normal split rather than optional?

    If you really do need more than 5 optional splits in a row, you can try out the alpha version of OpenLP which has fixed this bug. (We have migrated the code and issues to GitLab, you can now find that issue (which is now closed) here:
    Although, please keep in mind that it is an alpha, so be sure to backup your old OpenLP files if you do want to give it a try.

    But... ideally someone else who can compile 2.4.6 will see this thread :D
  • edited December 2020

    unfortunately I really need more than 5 optional splits... I want to put as many verses on a slide as possible. Therefore I did put all verses on a single slide and added an optional split after each verse. The result looks good (see image 1 & 2), but it won't work if a song has more than 5 verses. (If there would be an optional join between slides it would be easier.)

    Another possibility is to remove the optional splits, but than it can happen that a verse is split, which I would like to prevent (see image 3).

    I tried to resolve the last problem (verse is split) with custom tags & javascript, but the javascript code is not executed (it is correct, but is never called inside OpenLP (but would work in the browser)). (My custom tag is build like this (with "Some text|@|Same Text again" beeing inside the slide):
    <span>Some text|@|Same Text again<img src onerror="let p=this.parentNode,l=p.innerText.indexOf('|@|');if(l==-1){p.innerHTML='';return;}p.removeChild(this);let h=p.innerHTML,a=h.substring(0,l),b=h.subtr(l+3);p.innerHTML=(a.length<b.length)?b:a;"/></span>
    Is the alpha version stable if I just display songs? This is the only feature I need right at the moment.

    Thank you very much.

    May God bless you,

  • Finally I found a workaround: The solution is as follows: If the content of a slide is too big to fit one slide, the content is split by the last fitting new line tag (<br>).

    Instead of using new lines, one can use custom tags with the style="display: block;", which forces the contained content to be displayed in a new line. If I remove all new lines and replace them with my new custom tag, I can control the splits by inserting real new lines instead of optional splits.
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