Automatically separate Songs (and other items) in Service with blank screen

edited December 2020 in General Discussion

Hello folks,

We are thinking about migration from OpenSong to OpenLP and I'm missing one feature which worked on OpenSong, so I would like to ask, if I'm missing something or if it is not possible.

In OpenSong it was possible to automatically add blank (black) screen between songs. In other words, when this option was enabled in configuration, each song (or anything else) you added to the playlist (service) was surrounded by blank screen. So you don't need to use any other button or keyboard short-cut to blank the projector between songs (you just hit the key to go to the next screen as usual).

I sit possible to automatically separate songs (and other items in Service) with blank screen? I know, that I can create custom blank screen and ad it manually between each song, but it is not much convenient...



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