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When I try to download bibles from BibleGateway it won't find any bibles to download. I've followed the instructions, and even uninstalled and reinstalled. Any ideas please?


  • I'm having the same problem.  I tried to import a different translation yesterday and the "Bible" dropdown is blank for all three sources.  I have used this feature many times before and never had a problem.  Fortunately, I found the translation I needed on OpenSong today.  That import worked as expected.
  • I am currently having the same problem.  I too have used this feature before without a problem in the past.
  • We are too, had to get a new computer and can't download any bibles - please help as we rely heavily on the bible download - we are hardwired to the internet
  • The issue is with the changes that have been made to the BibleGateway website since OpenLP version 2.4.6 was released. This is something that can not be fixed in version 2.4.6. I have a workaround that appears to work, but I caution anyone that follows this could loose what Bible data you have if something goes make a backup of your data directory before trying this workaround.

    This workaround assume you know how to use database tools.....Read through it and use at your own risk...

    You need to have a Bible database that reads from the BibleGateway website in your Data\Bibles directory. If you don't have one from your previous backups, it is possible to use one of the default bible databases, but it take more work and I won't go into details here.

    You will also need access to the BibleGateway website. At this point you just need to be able to lookup the name of the Bible you want and a verse or two to verify you get the correct results. No need to create an account or login to the website.

    Open the BibleGateway website and find the Bible you are looking for. Copy the name of the Bible from the website and paste it into a simple text editor....Notepad works for Windows. The filename contains text inside brackets. This text is the download_name you will need later.

    Open the Data directory for OpenLP. Then open the Bibles directory inside the OpenLP Data directory.

    Create a copy of the database file that reads from the BibleGateway website.

    Rename the copied database using the Bible name in your text editor.

    Open the Online SQL IDE website.

    Use the Online SQL IDE website to open the renamed Bible database.

    Insert the following lines before the 'Select' statementin the center of the website Inset your the Bible name you want to use in place of the 'New International Version (NIV)' and insert your bible download name in place of the 'NIV' in the statements.

    UPDATE metadata SET value = 'NIV' WHERE key = 'download_name';

    UPDATE metadata SET value = 'New International Version (NIV)' WHERE key = 'name';

    DELETE FROM verse;

    Press the Run button.

    Use the File menu to Save the DB

    Start OpenLP and see if your Bible is listed and search for a verse or two to verify it works.

    PLEASE Do Not follow this workaround unless you are comfortable with the workaround.

  • Hello all! While the web downloads arent working at the moment, you can use the Bible Import Wizard to download a bible in another electronic format (like zefania xml for example). John's answer above is excellent but if that intimidates you, i can assist in your obtaining of an importable version of a bible version you may desire. You can send me a message if you like. God bless.

  • Please can you help me with the zefania xml example

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