2-line Stage View from a 4-line Projector Slide


I'd like to use a 3-4 line slide on our front-of-house projectors (4:3 aspect ????) and a 2-line lower-third Stage View on our livestream. I'm ALMOST there:

Intended Projector Slide:

Intended LowerThird:

To reliably force the second part of the first line onto the second line of the projector at "O my soul" (rather than at "soul" or at "my"), I placed a "<br>". I could have adjusted the font size to make this particular lyric break appropriately, but then other lyrics would break awkwardly.

But now the Stage View just mirrors the 3 lines rather than displaying it as a more appropriate 2 (and for most verses of most songs, there would be FOUR lines on the projectors, which CERTAINLY won't fit on a lower third without compressing the font).

I tried out a suggestion (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7596647/ignore-br-with-css/18040142#18040142) to prevent Stage View's CSS from acting on the break point but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Any additional recommendations? Thanks!

cheers n' blessings,



  • And for anyone not yet using custom Stage Views, here's where I started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3imz_jxXog

  • Hi there. I like to have my lower thirds stage view text all on one line. For that I replaced all the linebreaks with forward slashes. So I took the stage.js file and looked for the line where it updates the #currentslide element. And right before that I inserted a search and replace command.

    text = text.replace(/\n/g, " / "); // changing all the line breaks to forward slashes
    $("#currentslide").html(text);     // original line putting the text in the current slide element

    Possibly, in your case, you need to replace the html line break, so that would be:

    text = text.replace(/<br>/g, " / "); // changing all the line breaks to forward slashes
    $("#currentslide").html(text);       // original line putting the text in the current slide element
  • Custom formatting tags could be used to put a line break placeholder which can be replaced to <br> after all <br>s have been removed/replaced.

    tag: anyname, used as {anyname}{/anyname} in OpenLP

    html begin: <span class="anyuniquename">

    html end: </span>

    replace <br> as in previous post

    replace placeholder: text = text.replace(/<span class="anyuniquename"><\/span>/g,"<br>")

  • @fiveofsix and @STEPHANVS -you both are SO appreciated. Thank you thank you thank you. I'm processing all of this in my non-coder brain and will apply it later today...update coming (o;

  • Hello everybody


    We also have all the songs in 4: 3 format as 4-5 lines in openLP.

    In the stage view, all the lines are always listed as on the screen. That means 4 lines for both views

    I have tested the options you indicated without success.

    Did I miss something? Are there any other settings to be made in the openLP?

  • I’m not sure what exactly you mean. Can you post pictures of both the Live Screen and the Stage Monitor?

    The thing is, all the lines that are shown on the Live Screen will also be shown on the Stage Monitor. There’s no way around that.

    The only thing you can do is change the appearance and arrangement of these lines. In the above case we took text that was displayed on multiple lines at the Live Screen and had the same text, but compressed down to fewer lines (or just one) at the bottom of the Stage Monitor.

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