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  • @JohnM - regarding Song sort order:

    In v2.9.2, the following searches display as shown above: Entire song, Titles, Lyrics, In 2.4.6 all of those display in correct sorted order. Note - Some parts of the title list DO seem to be sorted correctly in 2.9.2, but most are not. I can provide songs.sqlite (2,230KB) if that would help.

    The following cause the list to be reordered by the item searched: Authors (by 1st name), topics, themes,

    CCLI# order is weird - see below:

  • @Hitratech Look at the Feb 7 post in this thread from me. It will take you to a zip file that contains a new stage.js file that works with the Beta version. The example is a simple font color change for the next verses, but it should help get you started again.

    The other point to keep in mind is that your custom stages go in the "stages" directory in your data directory.

    If you need any other help with custom stages, just ask and I may be able to help....mind you I am not an expert, just a user that users stages every Sunday.

  • Hi, I got a question about beta1: Are chords in song sheets already supported?

    I only found it mentioned in the help manual:

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    I'm having a slight issue with 2.9.2 / win10 home 20h2 (fresh reinstall on formatted drive) / intel i3 5020u / intel hd graphics 5500 (latest drivers from intel) / Lenovo Thinkpad g70-80.

    My issue is that when I first load a song or a Bible verse or slide or really anything it shows the desktop instead of the background then loads the background from the theme about a second later loading progressively down the screen. after the first load of everything except the slides it won't do it again but if I edit a slide and load it, it will do it again.

    Has this been experienced by anyone else and have you found a fix? Is this fixed in development versions?

    Log file attached.

  • @NLACav Sounds similar to our issue with PDF presentations. The presentations do not size correctly to the screen and the background around it is whatever the current theme is. There seems to be something weird with visuals overall in 2.9.2. Really looking forward to the fixes @JohnM

  • @joe I honestly don't remember if chords were already in the Beta or not....I know if you can find the latest build they are working in it.

  • @NLACav Are you talking about the the service reloading when you add something to it? If so yes I see it on my windows machine. Never thought anything of it.

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    Testing out the preview on Windows 10, here are my findings

    1. Using the Live Stream feature, i set it up to use OBS Virtual Cam. When I started my OBS couldn't see anything, in trying to edit the theme, it gave this error.

    b. When searching for bible verses using the text search feature, the bible translation doesn't show up even when OpenLP is set to display dual bible. As seen in the image below, the selection shows KJV and Thai KJV but only the Thai Bible is Displayed

  • No what is happening is that the song lyrics or scripture or slide contents will load as if the background is transparent (the windows desktop wallpaper shows behind the words) then the right background loads behind the words starting at the top of the screen and going down.

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    @Hitratech Custom stages will be pretty much the same as in 2.4.6. They are placed in the stages folder, not the plugins folder. Also, unfortunately, there is a bug with polling in the api in version 2.9.2. That means stages using the version 1 API might not function properly, but it is already fixed and will work in the next release.

    Although I believe it is the same setup as in 2.4.6 you can check our dev wiki to be sure if you wish:

    Edit: Whoops, I was only on the 2nd page of this thread, hopefully it's sorted out from Johns comment

  • I am still not getting this right as it still does not show the custome stage view, could you please write me an example of the stage view as the wiki page's example does not work.

    I used to have a script that was written as myview/stage.html that used to work until the upgrade and trying to use the same script it does not work.

    This is the example that the wiki page gives:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Stage - Hello World</title>
        <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="style.css">
        <script type="text/javascript" src="script.js"></script>
        <h1>Hello World</h1>

  • @Hitratech Please try the custom stage found in this zip file.

    1. Create a directory named "Phil" in you data/stages directory.
    2. Put the contents of the zip file in your "Phil" directory.
    3. Run OpenLP.
    4. Start your service or send a song to the Live screen.
    5. Open Setting and double click on the stage URL under Remote Interface.
    6. A Browser window should open and display the current slide...Text only!
    7. Modify the stage view URL in the Browser by adding "/Phil".
    8. Press "Enter" after modifying the URL and you should see the same Text only stage view with the next verse text color changed.
  • Hi all

    I'm getting a replicatable crash in OLP that I couldn't see in the gitlab tracker.

    Open the "Bibles" section, go to "Options", and then try to change the "Layout Style".

    Every time I do I get a "Error Occured" pop up with the following report:

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "openlp\plugins\bibles\lib\", line 553, in on_style_combo_box_index_changed

    TypeError: setValue() missing 1 required positional argument: 'value'

    If it's helpful I can produce a full log.

    As far as I can tell it IS implementing the change (so it's changing the layout).

  • Hi,

    OLP 4.9.2

    Windows 10 up to date

    I am migrating our custom stage views from version 4 to 5 APIs. and websocket using the custom stage files provided by @JohnM .

    Pretty simple because the documentation in wiki for API and websocket is clear.

    But the websocket does not generate event when the display status changes (theme/blank/display).

    The problem does not come from the custom view because a simple refresh page on the browser fix the problem.

    Is it a bug in websocket or is it normal behavior ?

  • @abo Did you go into settings and try to update the Remote interface? Some users have reported that doing the update, or trying to do the update, has helped with the custom stages.

  • @JohnM There is no bug ... It is my mistake. Initially I inserted the capture of the display status at a wrong place in myWebSocket.

    All is working well now. Here is the working code.


             reader.onload = () => {

                data = JSON.parse(reader.result.toString()).results;

                // set some global var

                OpenLP.currentTheme = data.theme;

                OpenLP.currentBlank = data.blank;

                OpenLP.currentDisplay = data.display;

                OpenLP.myTwelve = data.twelve;

                if (OpenLP.currentItem != data.item ||

                OpenLP.currentService != data.service) {


    Many thanks for your help.

  • @Hitratech I noticed that the directory you have the stages in is not the default location. Did you move your data directory to the Dropbox directory? If so I will need to do some testing to see if there is a problem with using custom data directories.

  • Hi, it looks like the web server for custom stage view does not disable browser caching.

    Response headers from server

    Access-Control-Allow-Origin   *

    Cache-Control   public, max-age=43200

    Content-Length   1955

    Content-Type   text/html; charset=utf-8

    Date   Tue, 02 Mar 2021 13:05:51 GMT

    Etag   "1614640701.400435-1955-1271799133"

    Expires   Wed, 03 Mar 2021 01:05:51 GMT

    Last-Modified   Mon, 01 Mar 2021 23:18:21 GMT

    Server   waitress

    In stage.js the ajax command looks good : $.ajaxSetup({ cache: false });

    Is there something else to do for new version ?

  • @abo The new custom stage relies on the websocket to know when something has been updated. Cache should not affect the websocket connection.

  • Yes, I save our data to the dropbox as we often use our openlp at different locations

  • @Hitratech Can you place the Phil directory in the old data directory?

    1. Open a file explorer window to "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\openlp\data\stages"
    2. Open another file explorer window to your current data directory.
    3. copy the Phil directory from your current data directory into the first file explorer.
    4. Start OpenLP and see if the custom stage works at this point.

    I am exploring the possibility that the web-remote is not following the data directory change...

    I am doing the same thing on the latest development build. If it works after you put the Phil directory in the original location , I'll open an issue for the development team to fix.

  • We are preparing the migration of OLP v4 to v5, is it possible to install the 2 versions on the same Windows 10 system.

    We know that it is possible to install each version in a dedicated folder (openlpv4 & openlpv5 for instance) and to use also dedicated folders for data.

    Assuming that the two versions will not run simultaneously, will it work ?

  • @abo You can not run two versions on the same computer under windows. OpenLP uses the registry to hold some of it's settings. And in many cases the database version is different between versions of OpenLP, but the location is in the regestry.

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