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  • @abo I am wrong you can run multiple versions! use the portable versions. Everything is local to the thumb drive it is on! Mind you I am not sure I would run them at the same time....that could get confusing for the computer and the user!

  • Hi John, I have found the problem and all is working now.

    The problem came from the fact that I needed to reinstall my Windows and OpenLP and thought that I was using the DropBox folder, but now realized that I am in fact using the default data folder.

    I would like to though request that the Chords version could maybe be able to if using the transpose function on stage, that it could update the other screens using the Chords view as well and possibly update the changes on the main server that provides the song.

    Also when a song importing from SongBook you could add the ''*.pro'' extension the ChordPro files option:


  • @Hitratech Thank you for letting me know how you resolved the issue!

    I opened a feature request for your two suggestions. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Hello...

    Upon upgrading from 2.4.6 to 2.9.2, I noticed that the Bible translation dropdown moved to a different tab.

    I would like to request that it be placed back on the original tabs (Find and Select).

    You either have to start on the Options tab (which it isn't, by default) or you have to choose your verse, go to the Options tab, change the translation, go back to the Find or Select tab, and hit the Search button again.

    That's a very inefficient way to work.

    Maybe there is a faster solution, but I haven't found it.

    In 2.4.6, you could just search, change the translation, and hit the Search button again.

    It would be even cooler if the translation dropdown automatically changed the search results.

    Thanks for your consideration...


  • It would also be cool if there was a batch Bible import function.

    It's a lot of work to choose the format, choose the file, type a translation name/abbreviation, type/paste a copyright line, choose the language (I haven't had a single import actually choose English for me, even though each file is using English characters), etc...

    With that being said, once Bibles are imported, it would be nice to be able to export them as a single file that could be imported later.

    You can export settings, themes, and songs.

    Why not Bibles, too?



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    I never did see a solution to importing the sqlite file for songs or bible. I have a altered version I want to copy to folders like older versions but it will not recognize or import on OpenLP 2.9 Portable Windows 10 OS.

  • @JohnM Many thanks. I never used the portable version. Anyway I'll try it. We do not need to run the two versions at the same time.

  • I have 2.4.6 installed but am just trying out 2.9 without installing it by running portable on desktop by itself. I can copy my sqlite file to bible and it will not recognize it or import it. I did get my songs loaded by Also are the transitions going to work on folder of images added to service, played at set interval in the service?? IM trying to get 2.9 portable to run and hitting several road blocks on windows 10.

  • @ebowen I'm not sure about the state of upgrading bible formats, but I know you can't import a sqlite file into OpenLP. Your best bet is to import the bible the same way you got it into OpenLP 2.4.6. Transitions do work for images and there is a interval option; what's the issue?

  • If I add a folder of images to the service, I select loop images at 10 sec interval, It just does a quick cut to next image. I have transitions set to fade in theme and it is set to global. Where would I set the transition other than in themes?? Also Im using the portable on Windows 10. Have you tried it for transitions?

  • @ebowen The setting in themes enables transitions between service items.

    The Themes transitions settings work between slides that use the theme.

    You can put single images in the service and if you enabled the transitions between service items you will see the transitions between the images. The drawback of this method is that you can't loop the images if they are loaded as single items.

    Try this and see if it helps.

    1. Create a new service with nothing in it.
    2. Create a new theme with a solid color and be sure to add transitions...I set the speed to slow to see the transition easier.
    3. Go into settings and select the images page.
    4. Change the image background to Custom Theme
    5. Select the theme you just created.
    6. Select the OK button to exit settings and save your changes.
    7. Drag and drop you folder of images to the service
    8. Send the service to the live display and see if the transitions happen.

    If the transitions don't appear, start over and see if anything changed. I can't explain it, but it worked after the second try for me.

  • Hi Have recently updated to version 3.0. Noticing that if I have two Powerpoints in a row in a service, when the first one ends and click on next one, only the desktop is projected not the PowerPoints. Resolved with temporary fix of putting a blank custom slide or a blank song between the two PowerPoint elements but wondering if this is an actual glitch of I have got something set up wrong?

  • @NeilStevens This issue is a timing issue. When you exit the first PowerPoint presentation a command is sent to the PowerPoint application to shut down....but if the next item is another PowerPoint presentation it is sent a startup command....but as it just got a command to shut down it shuts down before it can start up.

    The blank slide gives PowerPoint enough time to shut down before it gets a command to start up.

    The development team is working on this issue, but for now you will have to keep using a slide between PowerPoint presentations.

  • Hi, character set problem with ChordPro import

    A song using UTF-8 character set is imported successfully using OpenSong format but shows abnormal language specific characters when imported in ChordPro format.

    Most probably the ChorPro import does not take care of the character set used for the text file.

  • @abo What language were you importing and what language was OpenLP set to? Did you get an error? We need a bit more information to find the issue and correct it.

  • Can someone please help me on how to get the book name or song title to show in stage view.


    Psalm 23

    1 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

    2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

  • @Kwadwo The simplest way is to get the song name to show in the stage view is to create the Song Title as a slide in the song or add the song title to the notes for the song.

    The same is true for the Bible Book name.

    IF you want to take the hard way, you should be able to get the song title from Version 2 of the API and create a new <div> in the HTM to hold the name. You would have to modify the JavaScript and the HTML to make this work and I have not tried this yet.

  • New to OpenLP -- looking to migrate from ZionWorx.

    But I've hit a major stumbling block at the start, to do with sharing data between PC (at church) and Mac (at home). I understand that ought to be possible, which would be great. We have a shared filesystem via Google Drive. I first set up beta on Win10 PC and set up songs, theme etc. in a special "OpenLP data" folder on the Gdrive.

    I then installed beta on the Mac (running latest Catalina version), and decided not to import anything, but straight away go for the data from the PC. I configure the location and get this dialog, which seems reasonable:

    But when I then Quit the app I get this error:

    When I re-open the Mac beta, it hasn't picked up this new data location, and therefore there is no data. I check again on the PC and at least it hasn't messed up that data, it seems.

    Thanks for any help you're able to give.

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    Thanks John - Fine with the workaround, just good to know that it is an issue and not just something I have missed. Appreciate your support.

  • I have an issue regarding stage display and iOS Webkit browsers. We use an iPad Air, on iOS 12 (latest update). The service viewer looks alright but whenever I try the stage display, I get it a small viewport that's unusable. The same behavior occurs in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Opera.

    It displays correctly on Android devices and on Windows machines.

    I've attached a screenshot for reference.

  • @Kwadwo I'll have to research this a bit....I have not tried to use the Book name yet and like you I see it in the API....

  • @Kwadwo So it turns out that the Book name is not one of the available items in the API....But the Title has the book name in it if you use the Bible Item in the Library to create your verses. In my case there is a bit too much information....`Genesis 1:1-10 English Standard Version Anglicised (ESVUK), BibleGateway`

    Open the stae.js file and go down to the line that starts with `updateSlide: function() {`

    Go down through the code until you see `// use notes if available` and insert a line above this line.

    type OpenLP.myBookname = slide.title;

    You now have the title for every slide as the slide is used.

    Now you have to decide how to use it and when to use it. As an example you may want to verify that the slide is part of a Bible verse and only get the title when it is. And you may only want the actual book name so you would have to find the first space in the slide title after the 3rd character and then only keep the left part of the title up to the blank.

    I hope this helps. If you run into trouble let us know.

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