Songs: Show the slide number and total number of slides on every slide

It would be great to have the opportunity to show the slide number and total number of slides on each slide on songs.
Eg. a song with 3 slides: First slide: 1/3. Second slide: 2/3. Third slide: 3/3.

You can count the number of slides in the Live Panel.

When I suggested it in 2016, I was told that it had already been suggested, but I still miss this functionality.


  • @sthje Can you please clarify? Do you want this on the Live view? The remote Live view? The remote Stage view?

  • Hi John,

    It is on the Live view.

    When the song is shown to the congregation.

  • @sthje Thanks. I will post this as a Feature Request and see if one of the developers will add this Feature.

  • @robbiejackson Thank you for implementing it.

    I have now installed version 2.9.3 (Windows 10 Pro 19043.1165) and tested the new feature.

    I have two comments:

    1) In Settings -> Configure OpenLP -> Service 'Move to next/previous service item' is on.This causes that when I scroll back and forth between songs, 'slide total' will be incorrect. The more I flip back and forth between the last verse of the first song and the first verse of the second song, the higher the 'slide total' becomes.

    2) 'Slide number' / 'Slide total' is displayed in very small print and is shown in underline. It's hard to see. I would suggest that you get the option of choosing the font and size in Settings.

    1. When launching Beta 2; the preview panel is always on. Even when I disable the Preview panel, re-launching the application will enable it again.
    2. In the Setting - Screen. When putting in the custom geometry values, the values are not being retained. When switching it back to full screen the values are removed. In the Current release(2.4.6) the values are being retained.
    3. Is it possible to change the Port Number instead of the default. In the current release (2.4.6) this was possible.
    4. I changed my default data. to One Drive (that way all my changes can be shared across multiple computers. I did notice that when exiting and the application will prompt to save the changes. When clicking on save, once in a while the application will hang up. Clicking discard the application will close with no issue. I also observed this on the current release (2.4.6).
    5. I n windows dark mode. When editing the theme. It's difficult to tell if you click the BOLD and ITALIC buttons.

    Overall I like beta 2. It's a big improvement from the current release.

  • We'll have to look into issues 1, 2, 3 and 5.

    As for issue 4, we don't support storing your OpenLP data folder on a shared folder of any sort. We've warned people against this many times. There are too many issues associated with these shared folders that are outside of our control and we are unable to work around.

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