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  • I love the OpenLP 2.9.2

    In OpenLP 2.9.2, I too noticed a flickering of video from Media at top of screen. It was a mpeg file, and I converted it to a mp4 and it went away. Must be something to do with VLC.


  • OpenLP 2.9.2:

    When I'm updating a Theme in Theme editor, I must use OpenLP 2.4.6 and transfer the edited Theme to OpenLP 2.9.2 because the "color function for main body does not appear to work. Yes, there are few bugs in OpenLP 2.9.2, but I love it and it runs great!


  • For everyone with bug reports for 2.9.2, check if someone's already reported it here:

    If you don't see the issue, then make a new issue.

    @NLACav Editing the built-in views is not easy. But custom stage views still work in OpenLP 2.9.2. There's a wiki page about them here: And there's a few form posts around this form with examples of custom stage views.

  • @NLACav Yes it is possible to edit the stage views, but you will need to be able to modify the HTML/Java/CSS files. Read the manual here. Read the full section then download the files and put them in the correct folder and see if they work. If they do you can modify from that point. If you get stuck just ask....we may already have something or know of something that will work for you.

  • Win10 latest updates installed - what format do I need to have videos in for them to loop as a background? Making 10min long loops so they don't stop when the worship team decides to go thru the song 3 times is using more ram than I like.

  • The Files included do work - and I was able to remove the items I don't need - is it possible to make the text scale so if I have a verse that don't fit with the text size selected it will drop the size to fit on screen?

  • I think that I've looked at every post in this discussion. I apologise in advance if I have missed the answer to my question either here or in the manual.

    When setting up version 2.9.2 on MacOS Big Sur 11.3.1, almost the first question asked by OpenLP is 'Where is Microsoft PowerPoint?' and it presents my applications directory.

    I don't have Microsoft PowerPoint. And nor do I want Microsoft PowerPoint.

    Clicking on 'Cancel' sent OpenLP into a tailspin. How do I get past this, please?

    And, whilst I'm here, I noticed in the manual the following comment, '… we do not have the finacial means to buy an official Apple Developer certificate … .' [sic] *please note the typo in the manual!

    I'm curious about how much that certificate costs and if it is a one time fee or an ongoing cost. I think that you have provided a good explanation of how to install OpenLP, bypassing the need for that certificate, but the question remains in my mind: how many people read the manual?!?

    On the mailing list of another Open Source software project that I use, there were questions 3 weeks out of 4 per month, in my estimate, about how to bypass the installation blockage, even though it was in their manual, and if people had bothered to search the archives of the mailing list, could easily have found the answer. I said 'were' above because someone on the team recently bit the bullet and paid for the Developer Certificate. I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did that because they were tired of answering the same question over and over again.

    It may be that one or some of the Mac users of OpenLP might want to pay for the Certificate to avoid potential problems. Just my 2.2 cents.

    (I have to add 10% GST to everything in this country!)

    Blessings, Andrew

  • I installed it on ubuntu 20.04 and it was working fine, including the remote view (version 0.9.4), but now that the remote view has updated to version 0.9.5, it doesn't work anymore. How do I fix it? seeing it's impossible to go back to openlp 2.4

  • Hi everybody,

    I tried the last beta 2.9.3. Like the warning tell us, I meet the issues with bible and pictures.

    I like the new option to can add a folder for videos but I get the same strange sort of them. We have about 300 videos, each with a number of 3 digit behind (like 001 - Name), but I don't have them in the right order :

    I hope you can fix that in the next realease (or tell us how the sort work).

    God bless you for your work

  • @Threep Folders have the same issues with sorting in the Media library. There is a request to allow folders to be moved in the list.

    Issue 928 has been created.

  • I was configuring the Theme on the latest Beta release. I noticed that you can now use a video as a background. But when I tried it. I can see the video but not the lyrics. Is there anything I need to do?

  • I read somewhere that the non-display on thumbnails in the Service/Slides Remote was fixed in version 0.9.6 of the remote BUT my Beta 3 version of OpenLP tells me the Remote is up to date but it still shows 0.9.5 How can I install v 0.9.6 if the function in

    Settings/Configure OpenLP/Remote Interface/Check For Updates won't show an update later than 0.9.5

  • Is this where we are supposed to report bugs/issues with OpenLP 2.92 aka 3.0? Is there a different reporting forum as well, or instead of this one?

    I'm asking this question because I raised an issue on 1 July and I haven't had any reply or comment on it. Other issues have received comments since mine but mine remains unanswered. It prevents me even trying the new version.????



  • Hi Andrew,

    We're aware of this. With the new version of OpenLP, it supports Keynote and PowerPoint on Mac. The initial implementation looks for both of those, and if it can't find one of them, it asks for the location. We're going to change that to rather be a configuration option.

  • @APAC_OBS there was an issue and 0.9.6 never got released. We're waiting for one small issue to be resolved, and then we'll release it.

  • Thanks, Raoul,

    If I understand you correctly, that new version is not yet available for me, or anyone(?) to test. If that's correct, when am I likely to be able to test it, or, better still, put it into production?

    If I'm not correct - and that means it is available now - where do I find it? I thought that I had looked in all of the usual places.

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