Can't download any bibles

Hi there,

we're using OLP 2.4.6 but we can't use any web bibles. We used to use Good News. We go in the wizard to download Bible list, and after 66% get this message: "There was a problem downloading your verse selection. Please check your internet connection."

The internet is fine.

So the only version available to us is the KJV.

I believe I tried reporting a bug but didn't hear anything back - maybe I did something wrong. This has been going on for many months now, but I hoped it woudl rectify itself.

Is there a way to sort out or workaround this problem?



  • @richdorm The issue you are having is known. It is fixed in the new version of OpenLP that is currently in Beta testing. This doesn't help you much with version 2.4.6

    From you message you want to use the Good News translation (GNT). I have setup a directory where you can download a Bible file for use with version 2.4.6 that will allow you to use this Bible from BibleGateway.

    Click on the link and download the file named for your Bible and place the file in the Data->Bibles directory then start OpenLP. If everything went correctly you should be able to use your bible without having to use the Bible Download Wizard.

  • hmmm first - thank you so much... but second, it didn't work. I downloaded the file (16kb), put in in the folder. It came up as an option in OpenLP, but then when I went to search for the verses I got this message saying "There was a problem extracting your verse selection..."

  • @richdorm There are 2 ways to search for verses. As I remember it, only one of the two works....I think it is the search where you type the name, chapter and verses. Try both and see if either works.

  • hmmm... I've tried both with no joy... - same error message... restarted OLP but the same thing again...

  • @richdorm I will reload 2.4.6 and verify the file I posted....sorry for the problems.

  • As I suspected there was a typo...delete the file you downloaded and download the file again, place it in the data\bible directory and try again....

    Sorry for the errors

  • Will this method work for a Mac as well?

  • I tried the niv and the passion versions and it's not working. Can you confirm the file path to place the files in on a windows and Mac computer.

  • Hello @gabeworden , I may be able to assist in getting an importable bible to you. You can send me a message if you are interested.

  • @JohnM - it works!! Thanks so much. Sorry it's been a while - we soldiered on with kjv for a while before I looked again at the forums!

  • Hi, I too cannot download bibles. :(

    I see that there is a known problem with this. Do we have any idea when the updated versions of OpenLP will be available for this to work?

    On another note, I have been using OpenLp for 6 years now, and love it. Have had mostly no issues, but in my new church they are reporting 'issues' with 'files' download from OpenLP and are concerned that it has 'slowed' down their system. Do you know what this could be? They are concerned that I've downloaded an unsafe program :(, but I don't have any issues on my computer. Sounds strange to me. But there computer 'guru' wants to removea heap of OpenLP files. Can anyone put any light on there suggestion?


  • @Lee I can help with the Bible download issue for version 2.4.6. Just let me know what Bible you want to use and from what website and I can create the required file...same as the wizard would do. If you are having issues getting the specific verses from a web Bible, I suggest using the Advanced search to select the Book, Chapter and verses and not use the normal search. We are getting near a release of the next version of OpenLP that should fix the issue found in version 2.4.6, but the latest beta version has a bug that prevents it's use by most we wait for the next release!

    I am not sure about the files download from OpenLP. If you are talking about exports from OpenLP or service files, you should be safe to archive them offline without any trouble. After 6 years you could have a lot of stuff in your OpenLP databases. This could cause a bit of time to find what you are looking for when building a new service. You could backup your Data directory and then clean out the different libraries to remove items that are no longer used. The backup would make the cleanup safer because you could switch back to the backup if you cleanup too much!

    There should not be any reason OpenLP should slow down the device it is running on unless the device is low on space. If you need to archive the source files that get loaded into OpenLP, be sure to save the path to the source files. Version 2.4.6 is able to handle source files that disappear to some extent. The upgrade to the new version when it comes out may not be as forgiving!

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    Hi @JohnM

    I've been looking for a copy of ESVUK, and have so far been unsuccessful.

    Would you be able to help me with it?

    Many thanks.

  • I would also be interested in this. I have a modified ESV that is not perfect but has most of the American English replaced with British English.

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