Help me fix a bug where all network activity drops while OpenLP is running

Things to know before talking about the bug:
  • even after multiple windows installs, hardware wipes, correct wifi drivers installed, windows drivers installed issue still there
  • when asked, network acces was given both for private-home and for public places to openlp
  • issue appears and can be triggered everytime after launching openLp ( both with stock settings, and with small personalised settings done)
  • de-activating the remote plugin doesnt fix this 
First I noticed almost a year ago that my phone connection to openLP would freeze every 10-20 sec for almost 10-15 seconds, no matter the phone i used or the network ( tried in different places, tested at church and home) so i basicaly gave up the feature
I later discovered that its not the phone app, or the phones connection to the laptop.
Lets say we have something active opened, like a teamviewer connection or a windows remote connection, or a mouse sharing software like Synergy ( this is what i use to control with 1 mouse and keyboard , multiple computers and screens so imagine it needs a active connection to the laptop, just like team viewer for example)
All these apps would stop working 10 seconds into openLp launch, and it would behave exactly the same as the phone remote connection.
Basicaly while OpenLP is opened, my internet connection drops for a few seconds, every 20-30 seconds. Refreshing any webpage during this time gets stucked in "RESOLVING HOST", and i have to wait a few seconds for the cycle to repeat so i can use the internet or reconnect with any remote app.
Closing OpenLP makes the network stable again and all the software works + webpages do not drop anymore.

I explained this the best way i could.
Please help!


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