Is OpenLP dead?


I was wondering if this project is still active as it doesn't seem to have been updated for a very long time.....


Paul Webb


  • I don't know what you're seeing, Paul. Or maybe I should say, 'not seeing'. Nor do I know where you're looking.

    But even a cursory glance at these forums should tell you that there's plenty of activity, including the development of a new version. It's currently named 2.9.2 or 2.9.3 but my understanding is that when it is released as a stable version, it will be 3.0

    I'm sure to be corrected if I have stated anything incorrectly.

    Every blessing,


  • edited December 2021

    Hi Andrew

    Thank you for your reply. Python 3.10 is now out in some linux distributions including fedora and arch. openlp is not compatible with python 3.10.

    If I upgrade my system openlp will be removed. If I don't upgrade I will not receive security patches. If I try to partially upgrade other things might break.

    All of the downloads on the download page, including the source code are for 2.4.6

    The email address for the developer given in the source code bounces.

    If the new version is not ready for release, the current version should at least be maintained surely?

    I have used openlp for years now and really want to continue using it......



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