Images Xd out on two of three PCs

We're using Windows 11 with three PCs with custom path to OpenLP data on a shared drive. For some reason, when I load an image from one of the PCs, instead of showing the image on the other two, it shows a red x with the image title. All three PCs have full read/write access to the data folder. All settings are the same across the three machines. Anyone have a clue what might be happening? Thanks, and Merry Fourth Week in Advent!


  • Ok, figured this one out as well. I just wasn't understanding how the program is working with images and media. I thought "loading" something via the library actually "downloaded" and saved an image or media so that it would be accessible. Not the case. In a shared drive scenario, something has to be placed in the appropriate (image or media) folder and THEN loaded via the library. Only then is it visible to PCs sharing a drive. Otherwise, the library is linked to wherever the file is saved on the originating PC.

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