Openlp Freeze or capture the screen

Hi. OpenLp sometimes freeze my sreen. It happens when I use it and my powerpoint presentation alternatively. We start of singing with OpenLP and then, when I press escape to exit OpenLp, it "keeps on to the screen" It takes total control of the laptop screen. It does not go out of presenter mode. I cannot access any other program. The only way to get out is for me to click ctrl alt delete and then sign out. In the process I loose all opened programs. But it is the only way to get out of OpenLp.

So, the ony way to be sure OpenLP closes properly, is to close OpenLp before I use my Powerpoint on the data projector. And after I finish using the powerpoint presentation, I start the Openlp program again and then use it for the final songs.

Maybe a setting I must change? Any help?


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