OpenLP 2.9.3 When playing an MP3 audio file, screen goes white

When I play a audio mp3 the presentation screen turns white. Is there a way to make it stay black? I have tried to click in the icon in the live window to show a black screen and it works for a few seconds but then it stops playing the audio. Any ideas?


  • My screen goes the colour of my system's theme, so I'm guessing you're on Windows and your buttons and stuff are all white?

    Definitely something we should look into though.

  • Just to follow up, I am running OpenLP on a Windows machine at church, and I have it installed on both an iMac and Windows machine at home. I have tried to change the Windows theme to a dark colored theme, with a black background but it still changed the presentation monitors to a white background. I have noticed on my iMac it changes the monitor to a different color than white, but still not black (sorry I am partially colorblind, so I am not sure what color, but I think it is grayish). I would love to start using 2.9.3 at church, (or 3.0 once it comes out) but I can't have the monitors in front of the congregation turning white when I play an MP3 for someone singing a special. :-) If you have any ideas on a specific setting in Windows I need to change to make sure the screen goes black, I would love to hear it. I am running Windows 10 on both my home and church computers. I am not sure of the build for church, but my home computer is build 19042.1415. Just a side note, OpenLP 2.4.6 turns the monitors black, when playing an MP3 regardless of the windows background (color/picture).

  • Another follow up, OpenLP 2.9.3 uses the color of the OpenLP app itself as the color for the background on the monitor when playing an MP3. Changing the color scheme for Windows from light to dark for default apps, changes OpenLP to a darker color, thus changing the presentation monitors from white to the darker color (which I believe is what Raoul was talking about). If I change Windows to a high contrast dark color scheme then the OpenLP app becomes black, thus changing the presentation monitors to black. This is a work around to get a black screen when playing an MP3, but I hope when 3.0 is released OpenLP will just use a black screen when playing an MP3. What would be nice if I new anything about programming, I could possibly help to change this bug.

    One other little bug I noticed is when OpenLP gets to the end of the MP3 it starts the song over again for just a few seconds, but long enough for the congregation to hear, if I don't hit the stop button first.

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