OpenLP display on desktop of Laptop

When I opened the Open LP program on our church laptop, the display had changed. The Service Manager appeared on the left instead of the right, and the Library (normally on the left) will not appear with the Service Manager, which means you can’t prepare the data presentation.)  As the presentation had been prepared, we were able to project it without any problems.

I've uninstalled and re-installed OpenLP. The problem of the placement of the Service Manager remains; it is displaying on the left instead of the right. The Library can not be accessed at the same time as the Service Manager, however, it now appears as a tab, which has to be opened in order to access things.

I'd appreciate any help or support to help me get this sorted. I'm not at all tech minded ... just volunteering ;to prepare the data for our small church. I really like OpenLP and have been using it for quite a few years without any huge issues. I can usually troubleshoot and fix any little glitches I encounter. This problem is beyond me. Thank you  


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