OpenLP 2.9.3 remote view using "main" myopenlpip:4316/main

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When trying to use the remote "main" view of OpenLP 2.9.3 via myopenlpip:4316/main all I get is a copy of the web browser, not the presentation being displayed. Any ideas on how to fix this? OpenLP2.4.6 works perfectly and I noticed the location of the html, css and js files are located in different locations between the 2.4.6 and 2.9.3. I have managed to use the stage view successfully, and I can get away without using the 'main' view, but would like to use it if possible.

Ignore this post I realized what I was doing wrong.


  • I had similar problem with 2.9.4 today.

    myopnlpip:4316 works with Android App for Service List and Live List.

    Stage View and Live View just show the splash screen, then black.

    In Settings>Remote I could click on the myopnlpip:4316/stage link and a browser window would open with the stage view. But still nothing on the Android App, to in a browser on the network.

  • Hello, on what IP address is OpenLP listening?

    Is the local connection working? (stage, main, …) from the same host which is running OpenLP?

    Could you try ethernet cable connection from another network host?

    Please, share with us what kind of “splash screen” you mean.

    What browser? Chrome?

  • For me,

    (Run openlp from a USB drive. We still use 2.4.6 for live services. Testing 2.9.x . Again, both run from different USB drives and each drive is assigned a different letter so 2.4.6 and 2.9.x get different letters.)

    Listening is

    myopenlpip:4316/stage works on local computer and opens with the LAN IP not the local host.

    Today, after removing all openlp entries to the Firewall exceptions and restarting openlp and then allowing openlp through the private firewall Then, I can open nyopenlpip:4316/stage and main in a browser on another computer.

    Problem remains with the Android app. It can open Service and Live List, BUT has blank screen for Stage View and Live View.

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