Unable to Export then Import OpenLP Songs

Import of songs does Not Work.

I exported songs from OpenLP on my home computer.

When I used OpenLP Song Import Wizard on our church computer I get this Failure Message:

"The following songs could not be imported:

- C:\OpenLP Transfer\Alive Alive Forevermore (Author Unknown).xml (Invalid OpenSong song file. Missing song tag.)"

The songs work fine on my home computer. How can I Export then Import them using OpenLP?

"Error Occured" file is:

Traceback (most recent call last):File "openlp\plugins\songs\forms\songimportform.py", line 350, in on_error_save_to_button_clicked

File "openlp\core\widgets\dialogs.py", line 106, in getSaveFileName

TypeError: getSaveFileName(parent: QWidget = None, caption: str = '', directory: str = '', filter: str = '', initialFilter: str = '', options: Union[QFileDialog.Options, QFileDialog.Option] = 0): argument 2 has unexpected type 'WindowsPath'


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