• Is this the case even when you uncheck the Display option to "Display if a single screen"? What I do with my home computer, where I set up services, is define a 1280x720 area of my single screen to be the Screen 1 (built in) display and check "Display if a single screen". I'm using a Mac, so I offset the origin of the screen to make sure that the menu bar at the top is visible at all times. Your church projector (display 2) settings should still be saved, as with 2.7.4. We're still running 2.7.4 at church, so I haven't tested this yet. We are going without OpenLP and streaming (OBS Studio) for the summer so I'll be able to try this in July, when I upgrade the church computer.

  • Not sure if this has been brought up, but on the Bible search, it would be preferable to have the Version selection on the search page, not on Options. Rarely do I have one version used by my speakers, and having to jump to another tab to change translations is a big workflow slowdown.

  • @congoblue @AndrewK we changed how we store the screen settings in OpenLP 3, because in 2.4.x, we'd actually lose a whole bunch of information. We had a lot of people previously complaining that OpenLP would not detect new screens, so we changed the behaviour to take that into account.

    By the sounds of things, we need to actually store "screen profiles" rather than just a single set of screen settings. But that's a bigger thing to implement, so we're probably not going to address it right now.

  • @Brian116

    I have a question, will there be the ability to add transitions to a list of image files in the finale release of 3.0?

    If they're not there in 2.9.4, they won't be there in 3.0 -- we've frozen the feature set. Having said that, there's some unexpected behaviour with theme transitions not being applied to image lists. It's been complicated to debug, and I'm not sure we'll get it fixed before releasing 3.0.

  • @pedley

    OK so playing around with the RC1 version on windows, when ever I play a video clip from media it plays fine but at the end it restarts and plays a second or two from the beginning again then stops.

    This is a known issue (it's been discussed in a few other discussions in the forums). I've not been able to reproduce this issue, so it's difficult for me to figure out what is causing it.

  • @raoul

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'actually lose a whole bunch of information.'

    "We had a lot of people previously complaining" - Does that word 'previously' refer to v.2.4.x?

    "OpenLP would not detect new screens" Really? I'm surprised by that. Until I began using v.2.9.x, as far as I can recall, I had never encountered a screen recognition issue.

    "By the sounds of things, we need to actually store "screen profiles" rather than just a single set of screen settings. But that's a bigger thing to implement, so we're probably not going to address it right now." Yes, I think that's what I am looking for. And I can appreciate that it is a (much) bigger thing to implement. I can learn to be patient doing things in a less than convenient way whilst I suffer through winter. ???? Just because it might be easier for me to go back to using overhead transparencies shouldn't put you under any pressure!

    Thanks for all your hard work. And thanks, too, to your long-suffering wife and family. Blessings.


  • @Jamie Hockin

    Thanks for your post. I'm trying to work through every bit of what you've said to make sure that I haven't misunderstood anything.

    That might make me sound super-dumb, and I probably am, but what I mean is that on the first couple of times reading through your post, I was trying to work out where all of these items are. For example, you asked, 'even when you uncheck the Display option to "Display if a single screen"?'. I knew that I'd seen that option somewhere, but I had to go and find it then when I needed to know if it was ticked or not. And so on with various other things you mentioned.

    I'm also using a Mac (or two). I'm not sure why you want to force the menu bar to be visible. On which display are you trying to force that visibility? (And do you do that offsetting on the same preference screen as the 'Display if a single screen'?)

    I've had to turn on 'Automatically hide and show the menu bar' in System Preferences to prevent the menu bar being displayed on the HDMI TV (Display 2). If I leave that option off, unticked, then I have the menu bar displayed all through the service. It is very distracting!

    Anyway, I'm interested to hear more from you, if you don't mind.



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    I had a similar issue when I was trying to set this up. The option he is referring to is in Settings --> Configure OpenLP --> Screens. At the bottom of that page, there is a check box for "Display if a single screen."

    I use both Windows and Linux, and that option is there, and can confirm on my Linux laptop, I am able to user OpenLP without an external monitor connected and it will not bring up the display.

    Other trick I found is that if that option is checked, and the Display is overlaying your planning screen, hit the "D" button. That will toggle the display and allow you to get to the settings menu to uncheck that box. Or just leave it off and work that way.

  • Thanks, @JamesJ

    I'm fairly certain that I have the correct screen now.

    As Raoul said, things were changed in this version; I simply wasn't thinking straight when I first encountered this problem and it is has made me very wary of experimenting with the display settings now.

    I'm typing this late on Saturday and I simply have no time for experimenting now. I'll experiment some more along the lines that you and Jamie have talked about, hopefully early next week, when there's no time pressure on me.

    Again, thanks for your help.


  • Thank you for such great software, I tried it today and finished the service smoothly. However there's a little bug, I already emailed to report it.

    **OpenLP Bug Report**

    Version: {'full': '', 'version': '', 'build': None}

    --- Details of the Exception. ---

    Click File on the top bar, such an error happens.

    --- Exception Traceback ---

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "/usr/lib/python3.10/site-packages/openlp/core/ui/", line 1311, in update_recent_files_menu

    recent_path = Path(recent_path)

    File "/usr/lib/python3.10/", line 960, in __new__

    self = cls._from_parts(args)

    File "/usr/lib/python3.10/", line 594, in _from_parts

    drv, root, parts = self._parse_args(args)

    File "/usr/lib/python3.10/", line 578, in _parse_args

    a = os.fspath(a)

    TypeError: expected str, bytes or os.PathLike object, not NoneType

    --- System information ---

    Platform: Linux-5.15.48-1-MANJARO-x86_64-with-glibc2.35

    Desktop: KDE SC

    --- Library Versions ---

    Python: 3.10.5

    PyQt5: 5.15.6

    SQLAlchemy: 1.4.36

    Alembic: 1.7.4

    BeautifulSoup: 4.10.0

    lxml: 4.8.0

    Chardet: 4.0.0

    PyEnchant: 3.2.2

    Mako: 1.1.6

    VLC: OK

    PyUNO: 7.3

  • I have the "Display if single screen" option unticked and I get the warning messages about change of display setup if I start OpenLP without the projector. However I have now found that if I cancel the message and do nothing else, then OpenLP does in fact remember the projector setup and starts up correctly using the projector next time.

    So an easier fix for my situation would be to be able to suppress the screen change warning message. If there's a connection problem with the projector or things are started up in the wrong order then the message can make operators change the display settings when they don't really need to.

  • On Ubuntu 22.04 we had to install 2.9.4 to work well with Python. It works as we expected except that we don't have UI translations. There are only one option in Settings > Languages: Autodetect, but it do nothing. The .qm files are present in /usr/share/openlp/i18n/ directory. How to fix this?

  • Am I missing a setting so that the bible display does not break a verse over multiple slides? I don't want just a verse per slide, but I also don't want a break in the middle of a verse.

  • @mhalbrook

    I don't have an answer for you, sorry. I, myself, am still experimenting with using the Bible importing feature. But I'm not finding a lot of flexibility at this stage.

    I agree with you that I don't want a verse per slide. But sometimes I do want a break mid-verse!

    Verses don't always line up with sentences, let alone paragraphs, and I want the text to flow where the natural breaks occur. I do not necessarily want them where the people hundreds of years ago decided to put verse markers. For a one or two verse quotation somewhere, the Bibles plugin/Library panel is probably going to be good, once I sort out my issue which I'll get to in another post.

    For now, I'm having to stick with my 'old' method of creating slides in Keynote and exporting png or jpg images and then importing them to the Images Library.

    The other remote possibility for me is once the formatting tags get fixed in Custom Slides, I might be able to use them. But I'm not holding much hope for that method.

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    I hadn't noticed a problem with Custom SLides the few times I have used it, what's happening there?

  • Hi everybody, at first I would like to give big thanks to whole team for this work! I wolud like to help you with some testing. I was testing this version with my colleague and we realized some issues. Would you be able to help us with solving theese problems:

    A) First one, which was really annoying for us - when we tried to import our lyrics with empty slides (we use empty slides with verse type OTHERS), import failed. Here is a report:

    Traceback (most recent call last):File "openlp\core\widgets\", line 230, in on_current_id_changed

    File "openlp\plugins\songs\forms\", line 331, in perform_wizard

    File "openlp\plugins\songs\lib\importers\", line 73, in do_import

    File "openlp\plugins\songs\lib\", line 410, in xml_to_song

    File "openlp\plugins\songs\lib\", line 734, in _process_lyrics

    File "openlp\plugins\songs\lib\", line 685, in _process_verse_lines

    ValueError: not enough values to unpack (expected 2, got 1)

    Here is an example of problematic lyrics:

    Colleague has done some experiments and he found, that there is a problem with empty slides. If we have in XML something like this, the import fails:

    <verse name="o1">

    <lines> </lines>


    If we have there any text or chord, the problem disappears, e.g.:

    <verse name="o1">

    <lines>TEXT </lines>


    <verse name="o1">

    <lines><chord name="Hm"/></lines>


    Could you solve it, please? Adding of some empty space is important for us...

    B) Secong issue is connected with czech translation. There is a collision of abreviations for verse order:

    Bridge (Přechod) and Pre-chorus (Předrefrén) - both has in czech translation abreviation P, so we can not use pre-chorus.

    C) Third issue is connected with chords. Is there any detailed manual how to work with them?

    At first, I have to say, that we aren't musicians, so maybe we don't know other solutions... We found 3 problems:

    1) When we want to put there chords for intro, we write there for example someting like this:

    <verse name="o2">

    <lines><chord name="Hm"/></lines> </verse> <verse name="o2"> <lines><chord name="Hm"/> <chord name="A/C#"/> <chord name="D"/> <chord name="A"/> <chord name="G"/></lines>


    It works, but after exporting and importing the text, chords stage view ignores the spaces between chords (and delete them of course), so musicians can't read it.

    How can I solve this problem?

    Is there any possibility, how to write there into chord view something like this?

    | Hm / / A/C# | D / / / | A / / / | G / / / |

    2) Is there any possibility, how can man write there tempo, other used abreviations and some other notes for musicians? We don't want to write it for every service as a note. Some pernament solution wolud be helpful for us.

    3) Sometimes when we have many chords in our songs, the lyrics aresplitted into many slides (despite very low words count, so OpenLP devides it counting everything including chords). Can you solve it, please?

    4) Is there any list of all valid chords? Sometimes we found that some abbreviation isn't recognized by the SW.

    Thank you.

  • Song tempo would be a nice feature for sure, especially if it provided a visual timing to the stage view, eg. a soft flashing circle to give you the timing.

  • Hi @janbadin

    A) This has been fixed and will be part of the next release (which will be out soon)

    B) This is an issue with the translation. OpenLP doesn't provide those directly, we depend on our translators. Anyone can apply and help to translate OpenLP.

    C) We're also not musicians, so we realise there may be some shortcomings in the chords support.

    1. We don't have a solution for this right now.
    2. The best workaround I can think of is to add a note to the song in the service. But you'd have to do that every time you add the song to the service.
    3. I don't understand what you're saying, can you show me an example?
    4. See
  • I hope this is the right place to post this: there is an unhandled error condition while importing a song in OpenLyrics format. I inadvertently forgot to include an Author name and the relevant tags. On importing it, I got the following stack dump, and it hung within the import process even when I cancelled the error, rather that going on to import the other files:

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "openlp\core\widgets\", line 230, in on_current_id_changed

    File "openlp\plugins\songs\forms\", line 331, in perform_wizard

    File "openlp\plugins\songs\lib\importers\", line 73, in do_import

    File "openlp\plugins\songs\lib\", line 412, in xml_to_song

    File "openlp\plugins\songs\lib\", line 516, in _process_authors

    File "src\lxml\objectify.pyx", line 231, in lxml.objectify.ObjectifiedElement.__getattr__

    File "src\lxml\objectify.pyx", line 450, in lxml.objectify._lookupChildOrRaise

    AttributeError: no such child: {}author

    Yes, clearly I made an error, but it could be handled more elegantly in the manner of other errors in the OpenLyrics input.


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    Issue with print service.

    Testing RC print service has entire verses on one line whereas 2.4.6 prints same items formatted correctly. This would be important to us as we always have printed copies of services for visually impaired and reformatting every week would be very time consuming.....

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    Presentation Screen goes to Desktop when Video is playing and focus from main window is lost

    Testing out the RC on Kubuntu 22.04:

    Dual-monitor setup -- Main Monitor (with OpenLP main window) -- Presentation Monitor (shows presentation)

    When a video is playing - if the OpenLP main window on Main Monitor loses focus, the Presentation Monitor shows the desktop (audio continues to play) -- Only way to get the video back is to click on the OpenLP main window.

    If slides are being shown - Presentation Monitor always shows slides even if OpenLP main window loses focus.

  • Custom Screen Size and no "update" in browser window

    After setting a custom screen size, when a presentation slide is changed the change does not occur in the browser window of Remote (http://localhost:4316/main)

  • Stepping forward in a .wmv video doesn't seem to work

    If I play a .m4v video, then I can use the slider in the Live Pane to jump forward in the video. If I do the same for a .wmv video, it just reverts to the start of the video, the slider jumps back to the start, but the time indicator to it's left show a time (I think where I tried to jump to) which doesn't correspond to the position of the slider.

    I'm running OpenLP 2.9.4 on Windows 10.

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    Mismatch between icons and actions and documentation, in media library.

    In the documentation, it states that I should see four things: Load CD/DVD (circle icon), Open device stream (folder icon), Open network stream (camera icon) and Load new media (chain icon). I am seeing a folder with a pull-down menu on which I find three things: Load CD/DVD (circle icon), Open device stream (camera icon) and Open network stream (chain icon). I don't see Load new media at all. (Capture1 is from the online documentation, Capture2 is from OpenLP itself.)

    I'm running OpenLP 2.9.4 on Windows 10.

  • @TonyQ

    1. My guess is that the .wmv thing is a VLC issue. Try to reproduce it in VLC outside of OpenLP.
    2. Yes, we don't have anyone who is actively working on the documentation, since all of us are volunteers, and OpenLP was enhanced since the last time the documentation was updated. Want to help?

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