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We have a very high Position af our Presentation-Screen in our Church.

It would be sooooo good, if the Position of the Copyright Information of the Songs would be changable, maybe on the top right of the Presentationscreen - so that the rest of the Presentation would be less high. The Position of the Songtext is already changable - so that is not the Problem.

Maybe it is a feature in 2.0?

Thanx a lot for your great work! We love the openlp program!!

Be blessed



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    Yup, you can change the position of the copyright and the main text block in 2.0.

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    I'd prefer to have all the items in the copyright section individually configurable - both visibility and font size etc. I'd also like to show Song Book and number in the same section, and for song number to be included as a field in the edit song dialog.

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    I think OpenLP Forum should have an option to vote on posts that users like or dislike.  And I bet one of the features almost all OpenLP users would like to see is an option not to display Copyright Info.  It is probably one of the worst features in this program which kept most churches from switching to this software.

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    I don't know why you have that attitude, but it is a legal requirement in many countries to display the copyright. Not only that, but even the commercial packages have this "worst feature".

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