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Reading all the discussions about MAC and Linux and the plans to re-write Openlp I started to have a Google.
Is there a better way?

Please correct me if I am wrong but OpenLp is written in Turbo Pascal. This language is rare in my experience unlike C, Java PHP , Ruby etc.
The move to multi-platform will require a complete re-write from scratch.

This got me thinking what if we could make the Pascal multi platform. This could keep the source code the same (ish) and may be help obtain more developers to provide patches.

As a result of my Google I came across when on the face of it runs Pascal on all required platforms. It seems to support OpenGL and SQLLITE.

Is this a possibility or have I missed something in my understanding of the Openlp architecture.


  • edited August 2007 is written in Delphi, not Turbo Pascal. Both use the Pascal programming language, but Delphi does a lot more with it.

    Not only that, but uses DirectX, not OpenGL, for it's rendering.

    Lastly, Delphi, and thus, is so tightly integrated into Windows, it will need a significant amount of code rewriting to  extract it out of Windows.

    What this all comes down to is that in order to "port" to Lazarus, it will need a LOT of rewriting, which would prompt me to rather rewrite from scratch (since that's in essence what we'll be doing) rather than try to patch the current version of to work in Lazarus.

    I hope this somewhat answers your question.

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    As you have been using Delphi, what about doing the Linux work in Kylix? Wouldn't that remove the necessity to totally rewrite it?
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    Unfortunately a number of the components we use are rather Windows-centric, and we also use DirectX (as previously mentioned) which is very defintely Windows-only.

    Also, Kylix hasn't been touched in years, and when I last used it, it wasn't really worth all that much. 

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    It is strange 'couse We here use linux, openoffice, etc from GPL... and a REALY GOOD program like that, GPL but not the all, makes me feel realy sorry!! :(
    I see the Lyricue at ... this is for linux, but ... it isn't OPENLP!!!

    I feel sad about the!! :(
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