Adding a song, very cumbersome

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I have to say that adding a song is too cumbersome.

1. Press button to add a song (ok)

2. Write title (ok)

3. Press button to add the lyrics (why this button? I should only have to paste the lyrics into the Lyrics text-field

4. Press button "edit" or "edit all" to define verse and verse type. (why this button? Se comment to nr. 3 above)

5. It is necessary to add an author, but for that you have to go to the next tab. (why aren't all the mandatory fields in one view?)


Developers, please think streamline, reduce clutter and mouse clicks.


Edit: 2.0 b1 in win7


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    I understand your frustration, but personally, I prefer the way it is laid out to your suggestions.  I like having the information on seperate tabs, but I would say maybe author, and Copyright/CCLI should be on one page, and maybe theme, topics and notes on another.

    I also can undersand the frustration with the author thing, but there are legal things to be considerd, maybe it shouldn't be so hard nosed on it, but keeping us honest and making it harder to be dishonest is a good thing IMHO.

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    This is probably an overkill, our ministry has been using OpenSong to project songs.   I find it is easier to add a song in OpenSong and then import it to OpenLP... Not sure if anybody else have a better way to go with the process.

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    It is certainly "strange" not to be able to click and enter in the "lyrics" box, which is in view on the first tab.

    The function of the "add" button is to add a verse, not to add a song, and is superfluous.  Why not allow the user to insert the text of a new song into the "lyrics" box, and the add verse breaks and annotaion from there?

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    I think it is OK to have information on seperate tabs as well, but I would like to have all mandatory fields on one tab. In other words, move the author field box to the first tab and I'm good.

    It would be great to mark all mandatory fields as such.

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