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Presenter selection does not work as expected.

I am testing OpenLP 1.9.5 on Windows XP Professional SP3

On my System is installed (among others)
  • 3.0.0
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2007 Version 12.0.6550
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 97 Version
On the dialog Configure OpenLP, Presentations tab, Available Controllers frame all three options are ticked, however only Impress is enabled end the two others (PowerPoint and PowerPoint Viewer are disabled and have the text "(unavailable)" appended.
  1. Why is PowerPoint Viewer not recognised?
  2. Can I do something about it?
  3. If OpenLP recognises them, which one will it choose and can I influence this choice?
  4. With Impress and PowerPoint (/Viewer) enabled, will OpenLP honour file associations?


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    There were a few fixes to powerpoint viewer detection after 1.9.5, so the nightly build (or 1.9.6 next week) should hopefully fix this.

    OpenLP attempts some intelligence with which program it will use. For PowerPoint files it will try Office PowerPoint, then PowerPoint Viewer (latest first), before falling back to OpenOffice.

    OpenOffice files will try OpenOffice before PowerPoint.

    However there is an option in the Presentation Settings tab to allow Presentation application to be overridden. This will let you choose which to use in the Media Manager tab.

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