Clear distinction between verses in preview and live view

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I'm finding it difficult to believe that this program is free, considering that other programs I've used in the past are so much more unwieldy and buggy. And I had to pay for those... Plus this is cross-platform, my biggest happy point.

I'm just investigating the program right now and haven't yet tried using it live, but the one thing I find lacking at this stage is a clear distinction between different verses (and choruses) in the preview and live sections.

I love how it automatically shows the breakdown of slides (since we often use quite large text on small sections of screen resulting in a verse being spread accorss 3-4 slides), but the difficulty I find with this is seeing where one verse ends and another begins.

You already have there the small margin with 'V4' or 'C1' to note it, but if these could be distinctly coloured - say verse 1 in green, verse 2 in orange etc..., it would make it very easy to see where to jump to when the singers start jumping around.

I realise that my colour suggestions are garish - perhaps muted versions might work to fit the colour scheme. But something along those lines would be wonderful.






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    Hi Bridget,

    I've had the same thought, since I just switched from Easyworship, where some coloring is present. I may look into implementing something like that soon, since I'm also part of the development team now.

    BTW: I've used OpenLP live twice now and so far it works great :)


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    I understand the problem, we just need to make sure we get it right.

    For example one thing we're trying to avoid is end up with an interface like SongPro which seems to have every colour under the sun on it's interface, and to me that is very distracting. Therefore whatever we do, we need to make sure it doesn't suddenly open the floodgates to lots of colours everywhere!

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    Yeah, SongPro looks really strange, I'd never go nearly as far^^

    Here's how Easyworship 2007 looks:

    The preview pane is set to "full view", the live pane to "summary view" (you can choose which you want for each pane). There's a colour for each verse type (Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Intro, Ending, Tag).

    My first idea would be to do it similarly to the EW summary view, i.e. colour the box at the margin that shows the verse type + number. For verses that are spread across several slides, only the first slide would be coloured. So it would be obvious where each verse starts without adding more colours (a colour per verse as Bridget suggested would be too much IMO).

    [side note: I'd also add the slide number before the verse type and add shortcuts for the number keys so that I can easily jump around with my wireless numpad]

    Apart from the colouring I also thought about adding the summary aspect, e.g. add an option to show only the first 2-3 lines of a slide (I found the one line Easyworship to little sometimes). That way more slides would fit on the screen and you wouldn't have to scroll so often. The currently selected slide could be expanded (shown fully).

    What do you think?

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    I agree with gushie. I think it would be an overkill. You have to remember, that OpenLP v2 has the verse tags on the left side of the verse instead of above the verse text. Thus you can identify the verse tag very easily. Besides I never had problems with finding the correct one. (And if there are too many verses the "Go To" menu in the slide controller can be used.


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    I wasn't disagreeing with the request, I was just explaining that we need to find a way of doing it without compromising the cleanness of the UI.

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    I like what Karen suggested about just having the first section of each verse coloured somehow - be it blue when the rest are white or another colour. But I think that would solve quite nicely the colour scheme issue of my idea while making it a lot easier to see where each starts.

    As to using the 'go to', I must admit I do not like that option at all. Mostly because it is two clicks as opposed to one - seemingly ver short, but a long time if you're behind the singer and everyone is waiting on the words. Also because I don't instantly know what is contained in which verse - I'm just going by the first word out of the singer's mouth.


    I also quite like the idea of summarising the slides, and THINK it could be helpful in seeing more at once. I'd want to run with it live once or twice though to determine whether it was in fact helpful.

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    I agree with Bridget that the "Go To" menu isn't really useful in a live situation - a summary mode would definitely be much better in my case.

    For the verse distinction I've got another idea that doesn't involve colours and would probably work just as fine for me: Make the verse tag of the first slide of a verse bold and increase the font size of the verse tags in general.

    I usually only quickly glance at the monitor from a little distance when I'm unsure about the next slide and I think that would help just as well as colours.


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    I've now road-tested openlp thoroughly at a couple of different events, and am happy to say that it is in fact as good as it seemed!

    I'm even more convinced however that a clear distinction between each segment would be a major help. I like Karen's idea of making the first slide for each segment bold - I think this would be subtle enough to not interfere with the general look, but noticeable enough to draw one's eyes to the most helpful places.

    Really hoping something like this can be implemented...

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    Hi Bridget,

    We'll have a look into this and see what we can do. I have added it to our list:

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