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I have a laptop running Ubuntu 11.04 and OpenLP. I plugged in a Netgear wireless access point to the ethernet LAN to set up a small LAN for our worship room so we could use the android remote app.

The laptop can connect to the internet over the WAP. The smartphone also.

But the Android app is refused a connection to OpenLP. I checked several times the IP address in OpenLP and activated the plugin. Cannot connect by browser either.

Where should I be looking for the problem/solution?

I'm sadly lost at this point. Thanks for any advice.


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    Do you have a firewall running on your desktop and if so have you opened a hole in it for the traffic?

    OpenLP runs on a non standard port so it is more than likley that you will need to handle this.

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    Yes, as it turns out.

    Thanks for pointing toward the solution.

    I thought not, but after a long hunt that didn't turn up any firewalls i randomly tried the command line instruction to disable ufw. Now it all works as expected and I really like it. Going to spend some time learning about ufw so I can enable it but open only that port.

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