Importing a word document

Have used your software this weekend to show it's capabilities to my church who loved it's simplicity and ease of use and it's ability to combine so many different ideas.

1 question was is there a way to import a word document as that is how our notices are written.  I suggested that they use openoffice as opposed to word but met a few walls!!

Any assistance would be appreciated.  Thanks


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    Word Documents are meant to be printed, not presented! PowerPoint or Libreoffice Impress are much better suited to the task.

    But anyway, without knowing what the Word Document contains, it's a bit difficult to say.

    • If it's a full colour glossy flyer type notice sheet, then taking a screen print (Alt+PrintScreen when in the Word document) and creating an image (Open Paint and click Paste, and then crop) might possibly work. 
    • If it's a standard text/clipart type notice sheet then it probably isn't suitable for presenting. The colours, font sizes, formatting, paper size (A4 vs 4:3/16:9) is just going to be all wrong

    Although we do have a Generic Document/Presentation song import, this is geared towards documents that contain lyrics.

    I'm afraid your best bet is to copy and paste the text into a Custom slide, or create a PowerPoint/Impress file yourself.

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    Hi Gushie

    Thanks for reply.  It is only text and I'd done it by cutting and pasting into a Custom slide.

    If we used Open Office what would be the best ext to save it in?  Then import as a song.

    We currently use easislides which allows import of word docs to a song.

    Would the Generic Document import work with an Open Office doc file?

    Thanks for a great piece of software.

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    Well all the Generic Document import is going to do is effectively the same as copy and paste, although it might get a little confused since it might assume the first line is the song author or something! (Just to warn you :-)

    The Generic Import requires LibreOffice/OpenOffice to be installed. Then it should accept either OpenOffice documents or Microsoft Word documents. Note LibreOffice (which originated from OpenOffice) is now the program we recommend you use.

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    Thanks Gushie.

    Looks like copy paste is best option, then edit Custom slide, which is no hassle really.

    Thanks for your response.  Will look at LibreOffice too!!



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