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    Note it seems to be due to either Vista or Office 2007, since I couldn't break it on XP/Office 2003.
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    First of all I added a ".pptx" file, but it looks as though you only remove the last 4 characters (rather than finding the location of the .) since the name had a trailing dot. Once adding it in the media manager, I was unable to open it, or even delete it!

    Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I wasn't aware that played with extensions elsewhere... I'll find that and fix it.

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    The items.copyright field in the saved order of service .oos file is always blank... it would help me if this could contain the copyright information for songs. Also the items.extra field currently contains the song authors, but only having a length of 40, some detail is getting truncated. Could this field be enlarged to 80 chars?

    Also I know I've mentioned something like this before, and good reasons where given for not changing it because you hope to re-engineer it in the future. However we do have an issue where in some songs we may decide in advance to only sing the chorus, or omit some verses in a long hymn. However there is no easy way for an operator (who may not be familiar with the song) to know which is the chorus or which verse they are on. So I've got a possible (perhaps interim) suggestion, as a screenshot, for you to consider!

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    Had a further play on Vista/Office 2007 and it didn't break today (using .ppt files).

    I guess the problem was down to me having to kill when it hung during startup whilst trying to automatically load the last order of service.

    So disabling autoload of last oos, and using .ppt files, and all works well.

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