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Hello dear brothers

This is my first participation. I am Brazilian, the city of Curitiba.Thank you in already, all of God for you and with this generous project that soon I will share!

Friends can make all of my letters appear uppercase form? As myproject is not so big the letters would be much more readable.

Thank you, Matheus or Matthew , lol


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    To be honest, I would avoid upper-case because most people find it harder to read than lower-case.

    Try a font with a large x-height, such as Verdana.

    You could also just make the font a bit bigger.

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    i should just like to add my support for this. Text in all capitals is very hard to read. And in addition is has long been seen as shouting when used in email or sms, where it is considered offensive or rude.

    Please avoid all-caps text.

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    Hello Matheus,

    This is not possible with OpenLP. You could do this by editing each song. Select each verse and then copy and paste the lyrics in to a word processor. Most word processors allow you yo change the case of the text. Once you have done this copy and paste the lyrics back in to OpenLP.

    A plain text editor such a Notepad++ (notepad-plus-plus) would be best for this as word processors such as Microsoft Word can some times add extra data.

    If you did this every time you used a new song you would soon change all the common songs you use.
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    I've just thought of a better way to accomplish this.

    You will need to set up a formatting tag using:

    style="text-transform: uppercase;"

    There is more on formatting tags here:

    You will need to edit each verse still, but you can do this in OpenLP, cutting down the number of steps. And if you change your mind in the future, you can just remove it just once from the formatting tags list, and the whole lot will be changed!
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    Hi All,

    I know this thread is a couple of years old and I hate to bump an old thread, but since this is at the top of the google search results, I decided to make an exception.

    I am in the process of switching from EasyWorship to OpenLP. EasyWorship has a "Convert all to uppercase" option and it has been used for the past several years. This has resulted in a fairly large song database where some songs are all upper case with other being all lowercase and finally a few with the proper case. 

    When I saw this thread on google, I was a bit disappointed that the first couple of responses were 'Just don't use caps'. Telling someone just don't do what they are looking to do is not a valid answer in my opinion. In my case, it would mean holding off of switching from EasyWorship for a few months until I get ever single song converted to proper case.

    While my goal is to eventually correct every song with proper case formatting, I needed a quick solution that didn't require editing of every song. My solution was to use FontForge to create a custom version of my preferred font in which both uppercase and lowercase characters appeared uppercase. It took about 10 minutes to do this with fontforge. I then installed my customized font into windows and then changed the OpenLP theme to use my customized font.

    I felt this was a better alternative to the others listed above as it doesn't require manually editing each song and it keeps my newly entered, proper case formatted songs and old, incorrect case formatted songs in a standard appearance.

    Once I get all my songs case format corrected, one simple change on the font settings for my theme and it is reflected on every song!
  • I agree @paint
    Just telling the OP not to use all caps is a waste of everyone’s time.

    There are lots of font already available that will force your text to be uppercase. “Bebas” and “Lemon Milk” are two Sans serif examples. This seems like the easiest way to achieve the OP request.

    This was you can easily turn ALL CAPS on and off by changing the font.

    It would be great if OpenLP just had an “all caps” check box.
  • I opened a Feature Request issue to add the checkbox.  This way the developers have a better chance of seeing the request.

    Thanks for your suggestion!
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