"File missing from service"

I'm using v2.0.

I have an ongoing problem with an image we use in our service presentation. Where when I make changes to the service and save it, I get a prompt that says:


"File missing from service

(path) \openlp\data\servicemanager\foo.gif

Continue saving?"


But the file is right there on the filesystem.

If I save that same "foo.gif" as a JPEG ("foo.jpg"), things are fine for a few Sundays, then it's back to the "File missing from service".


I end up repeating this pattern, hopping between .gif, .jpg, .png, and it's the same thing. I cannot find any specific pattern that results in the "File missing" issue.


Any suggestions?


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    Is it always the same file, or does this happen for all your images?

    It sounds like it might be a filesystem issue,  but on the chance it's an OpenLP issue, you could commence running in debug mode, so you have a debug log the next time it occurs.

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    I did this, ran OpenLP in debug mode, and looked at the debug logfile. I see the line where it loads up the images in the /servicemanager folder.

    While in OpenLP, though, I save the service, and it complains the images are gone.

    So, I close OpenLP, and fire it up. The image is there in the Service Manager list, but if I click the image and attempt preview, I get nothing, and upon close, I get the nag message file missing from service.

    I try something different. I manually drag the image into the /servicemanager folder on the filesystem. I fire up OpenLP. The image previews and display as it should. BUT - When I close OpenLP, I actually SAW the image delete from the /servicemanager folder.

    So it seems that OpenLP is deleting the contents of the /servicemanager folder upon close. I'm not sure if this is by design, or if it's just specific to my case, but that's what I'm observing.

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    This is by design as it contains the images of a loaded service.

    Items are only placed there when they are loaded from an existing saved service,  new items are not copied until the service is saved.

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