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Running Windows 7, when I upgraded from version 1.9.9 to 1.9.10 "Replacing Live Background" would not work. Went back to 1.9.9 works find. Any suggestions.


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    Did you change any video settings between the two? Are you using the exact same video?

    Can you send a debug log file to our support system, as per the Frequently Asked Questions.

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    Same video, same video settings. When I select replace live background nothing happens.

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    Which video player are you using?

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    Doesn’t make any difference. This happens on two differant compunters.

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    Video won't go live on my personal Windows 7 machine either. 

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    I have a Windows 7 computer as well, and when I select "Replace Live Background," it looks on the UI like it's working, but on the second screen, it acts like nothing happens at all.  I'm using the VLC video as well.

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    There is a known bug in one of the libraries we use with the WebKit media player (the WebKit media player is used for video backgrounds). We are going tonrevert to an older version of that library which doesn't contain the bug.

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    I seem to be having the same problem, I just downloaded 2.0 and i cannot get the "replace live background" feature to work. I'm fairly new to openLP so i could very easily be missing something basic, I have all three players (WEBKIT phonon and VLC) on .avi .wmv and .mov videos and nothing has worked so far. phonon and WEBKIT give two consecutive error messages that read "unsupported file" and "there was no display item to amend" while VLS just doesn't play. my OS is windows 7 64 bit if that helps.

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    Please see if the nightly build works any better. The link is on the downloads apge

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    sorry for the late reply, the video will play but the framerate is not good even with low quality videos, also when it reaches the end of the video there is a small (1-2 sec) pause before the video loops so it is not seamless.

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    I have this problem too on v1.9.12 where any of my video formats (mov, mp4, wmv) work flawlessly and smoothly when placed into the Service Manager since VLC takes over. But, I have noticed that ONLY Webkit is playing the same video when 'replace live background' is selected on either (custom slide, song or scripture) using a Theme with a transparent background. Webkit is 'choppy' and will not loop when 'replace live background' is selected. It is almost if VLC and/or Phonon is disabled in 'replace live background'. Could it be because of the layers? Meaning the text is one layer and the video is another? Why would VLC play the video in the Service Manager but not as a Live Background?

    I know that OpenLP is in its final version (from reading the posts) but I pray with thousands of other users that the developer group integrate live motion backgrounds that are more user friendly. Even when using the choppy Webkit plugin as the Live Background, we have to select the slide in Service Manager FIRST which shows your desktop background (as the Theme is transparent) before we can click on 'Replace Live Background'. This process can take seconds that feels like hours to the congregation and is so embarrassing that we no longer want to use the live background feature. I am sure that there is a way to integrate using a video rather than a still picture or color gradient into a theme. Forget the 'Replace Live Background' option and let us choose a video, pic or color gradient in the custom themes. That would, in my huble oppinion, be the best way to incorporate live video backgrounds into OLP.

    With that said, I do thank everyone who has participated in this project and who have spent countless hours WITHOUT PAY to make OLP what it is today. I started using OLP when it first came out and was all giddy like a child that someone out there cared enough to create such an awesome tool that was totally free with no strings attached that would allow churches to make their services a bit more 21st century and appealing to the congregations without being strong-handed into spending hundreds of dollars for a off-the-shelf presentation package such as EasyWorship or MediaShout.

    I use OLP not only for our church, but I also use it for my son's elementary school's morning show that we also stream online. OLP is SO versitile and easy to use. Please, keep this project going and never sell it to a for-profit company.

     Thank you, all.

    Your friend in Christ,

    Todd Jachimiak, Broad Creek UMC & Bogue Sound Elementary School in Newport, NC

    Want to see our Morning Show using OLP? Visit us here:

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