UK 2.0 Release Party

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We hope to release OpenLP v2 later in the year and I am wondering how many folk in the UK would be interested in having a Release Party around October time-ish? As it has taken over 4 years to develop v2, I think a celebration would be good! Obviously I know that without an exact date or location you may not want to commit, but at this stage we're just looking for vague interest!

We've had interest from various points across the country so far, and so it looks like a central location might be around the M25 area, however this could change if 25 folk from the North suddenly show an interest! :) 

We're also open to ideas of what you might like (or not like) to do... Examples might be:
* Just head down to the pub and get merry
* Some form of competitive/social event like 10 pin bowling, or that type of thing
* Perhaps those who turn up early may like a demonstration of some OpenLP features
* Something else entirely! 

If you are interested, please reply and give us a rough idea of where you are located and we'll update this post with details as and when we finalise them. Thanks!


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